2019-02-08 Werner Kochsm: In --gen-key with "key from card" show also the...
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcommon: Provide function to get public key algo names...
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcard: Make "generate" work for PIV cards.
2019-02-08 Werner Kochscd: Allow generating ECC curves on PIV cards.
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcommon: New functions get_option_value and ascii_strupr.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Print the used algorithm of all keys.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Fix a NULL-ptr deref in key listings.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochscd: Store a new PIV public key in the certificate DO.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Support reading and writing PIV certificates
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Add readline completion for help arguments
2019-02-06 Werner Kochscd: Add genkey command to app-piv (rsa-only)
2019-02-06 Werner Kochscd: Make app_genkey and supporting ISO function more...
2019-02-06 Werner Kochscd: Fix parameter name of app_change_key.
2019-02-06 Werner Kochdoc: Add basic man page for the gpg-card-tool.
2019-02-06 Werner Kochscd: Implement PIN changing and unblocking for PIV...
2019-02-05 Werner Kochscd: Allow standard keyref scheme for app-openpgp.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochcard: Implement non-interactive mode.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochcard: New command 'authenticate'.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochscd: Add DES authentication for PIV card.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcard: Cache the results from gpg and gpgsm.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcard: Print matching OpenPGP and X.509 data.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochgpg: Emit an ERROR status if no key was found with...
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcommon: Add kludge to allow silencing gnupg_exec_tool_s...
2019-01-30 Werner Kochgpg: Allow generating Ed25519 key from an existing...
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcommon: New function decode_c_string.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochdoc: Fix typo
2019-01-29 Werner Kochgpg: Implement searching keys via keygrip.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcommon: Provide some convenient OpenPGP related constants.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcommon: New helper functions for OpenPGP curve OIDs.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Support factory reset for Yubikey PIV application.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Print keyinfo for PIV cards.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Make printing of key information more flexible.
2019-01-28 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Clear bogus pinentry cache, when it causes an...
2019-01-27 Werner Kochcard: Implement the bulk of OpenPGP stuff into gpg...
2019-01-26 Werner Kochgpg: Fix just changed agent_get_s2k_count.
2019-01-26 Werner Kochgpg: Move S2K encoding function to a shared file.
2019-01-25 Werner Kochscd: Improve app selection for app "undefined".
2019-01-25 Werner Kochscd: Fix flushing of CA-FPR data objects
2019-01-25 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Support --mode=ssh option for CLEAR_PASSPHRASE.
2019-01-25 NIIBE Yutakadirmngr: Fix initialization of assuan's nPth hook.
2019-01-24 Werner Kochcommon: Extend function percent_data_escape.
2019-01-23 NIIBE Yutakascd: Support PASSWD --clear for OpenPGP card.
2019-01-22 Werner Kochgpg: Stop early when trying to create a primary Elgamal...
2019-01-22 Werner Kochcard-tool: Add skeleton for new tool
2019-01-22 Werner Kochcommon: Add generic status print function.
2019-01-21 Werner Kochscd: Support CHV-STATUS and CHECKPIN for PIV.
2019-01-21 Werner Kochscd: Add option --clear to PASSWD.
2019-01-20 Werner Kochscd: Add very basic support for PIV cards.
2019-01-20 Werner Kochscd: One new and one improved 7816 function.
2019-01-17 Werner Kochssh: Simplify the curve name lookup.
2019-01-16 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Report STATUS_NO_SECKEY when it is examined.
2019-01-08 Werner Kochdoc: Mark keyserver-options timeout and http-proxy...
2019-01-07 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix for USB INTERRUPT transfer.
2019-01-03 Werner Kochscd: Add two variants to the set of ISO7816 functions.
2019-01-03 Werner Kochscd: Support "READKEY --advanced" for all cards.
2019-01-02 Werner Kochdoc: Typo fix in code comment
2018-12-18 Werner Kochwks: Do not use compression for the encrypted data.
2018-12-18 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix description string.
2018-12-17 Werner KochSilence a few compiler warnings new with gcc 8.
2018-12-12 NIIBE Yutakacard: Suppress error message by agent_scd_cardlist.
2018-12-11 Werner Kochagent: Make the S2K calibration time runtime configurabe.
2018-12-11 Werner Kochdirmngr: Retry another server from the pool on 502...
2018-12-11 Werner Kochdirmngr: New function http_status2string.
2018-12-11 Werner Kochgpg: In search-keys return "Not found" instead of ...
2018-12-11 Tomi Leppänentools: Use POSIX compatible arguments for find
2018-12-05 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix print_pubkey_info new line output.
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Fix filter expression syntax flaw.
2018-12-04 Werner Kochgpg: Prepare revocation keys for use with v5 keys.
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Allow reading of --install-key arguments from...
2018-12-04 Werner Kochgpg: New list-option "show-only-fpr-mbox".
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Create sub-directories
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Add new commands --install-key and --remove-key...
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Move a few server functions to wks-util.
2018-12-04 NIIBE Yutakabuild: Remove --with-*-prefix from configure_opts.
2018-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnag10/mainproc: disable hash contexts when --skip-verify...
2018-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnacommon/iobuf: fix memory wiping in iobuf_copy
2018-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnacommon/mischelp: use platform memory zeroing function...
2018-11-30 Werner Kochscd: Add strerror to new error message.
2018-11-30 Werner Kochgpg: Improve error message about failed keygrip computa...
2018-11-28 NIIBE Yutakascd: Serialize opening device by select_application.
2018-11-27 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Better serialization for scdaemon access.
2018-11-26 Andre Heineckew32: Fix linkage of gpg-pair-tool
2018-11-26 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Have a thread to wait for the child process...
2018-11-26 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Defer calling assuan_release when it's still...
2018-11-26 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Clean up SCDaemon management.
2018-11-22 Werner Kochdirmngr: Avoid possible CSRF attacks via http redirects.
2018-11-21 Werner Kochdoc: Clarify use of clear and nodefault in the AKL.
2018-11-16 Werner Kochgpg: Start using OCB mode by default with Libgcrypt...
2018-11-16 Werner Kochdoc: Add NEWS item from recent 2.2 releases.
2018-11-15 NIIBE Yutakacard: Display UIF setting.
2018-11-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: Make "learn" report about KDF data object.
2018-11-15 NIIBE Yutakacard: Display if KDF is enabled or not.
2018-11-14 Werner KochMerge branch 'seckey-sync-work' into master
2018-11-14 Werner KochRemove the gpg-zip script.
2018-11-14 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Simplify agent_popup_message_stop.
2018-11-13 Werner Kochdirmngr: Support the new WKD draft with the openpgpkey...
2018-11-13 Werner Kochpo: Clarify a translator's note.
2018-11-13 NIIBE Yutakabuild: Update libgcrypt.m4 and ntbtls.m4.
2018-11-12 Andre Heineckedirmngr: Add FLUSHCRLs command
2018-11-12 Werner Kochcommon: Prepare for parsing mail sub-addresses.