2017-09-06 Frans Spiesschaertpo: update Dutch translation.
2017-08-04 Marcus Brinkmanndoc: Remove documentation for future option --faked...
2017-08-02 Daniel Kahn... debian: Remove packaging from upstream repository.
2017-08-02 Joe Hansenpo: Update Danish translation
2017-08-02 Frans Spiesschaertpo: Update Dutch translation
2017-08-01 Manuel Venturi... po: Update Spanish translation
2017-07-19 Werner KochPost release updates
2017-07-19 Werner KochRelease 1.4.22 gnupg-1.4.22
2017-07-19 Åka Sikrompo: Update Norwegian translation
2017-07-19 Werner Kochbuild: Avoid check gpg --version during make distcheck.
2017-07-19 Werner Kochindent: Fix indentation of an if block.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Fix memory leak.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakarsa: Reduce secmem pressure.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakarsa: Allow different build directory.
2017-07-07 Marcus Brinkmannrsa: Add exponent blinding.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakampi: Minor fix for mpi_pow.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakampi: Same computation for square and multiply for mpi_pow.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakampi: Simplify mpi_powm.
2017-07-04 Marcus Brinkmannmpi: Fix ARM assembler in longlong.h.
2017-07-03 Marcus Brinkmanndoc: Fix typo.
2017-05-10 Ineievg10: Fix secmem leak.
2017-03-30 Werner Kochgpg: Fix exporting of zero length user ID packets.
2016-11-02 Daniel Kahn... spelling: Correct achived to achieved.
2016-11-02 Neal H. Walfieldtools: Fix option parsing for gpg-zip.
2016-08-18 Åka Sikrompo: Update Norwegian translation
2016-08-17 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-08-17 Werner KochRelease 1.4.21 gnupg-1.4.21
2016-08-17 Werner Kochgpg: Add dummy option --with-subkey-fingerprint.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochpo: Auto update
2016-08-17 Werner Kochbuild: Create a swdb file during "make distcheck".
2016-08-17 Werner Kochbuild: Update config.{guess,sub} to {2016-05-15,2016...
2016-08-17 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation
2016-08-17 Werner Kochrandom: Hash continuous areas in the csprng pool.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochcipher: Improve readability by using a macro.
2016-08-09 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Avoid publishing the GnuPG version by default
2016-08-04 Daniel Kahn... Clean up "allow to"
2016-08-04 Daniel Kahn... Fix spelling: "occured" should be "occurred"
2016-08-04 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix checking key for signature validation.
2016-08-03 Justus WinterPartially revert "g10: Fix another race condition for...
2016-07-09 NIIBE Yutakagpgv: Tweak default options for extra security.
2016-07-06 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix keysize with --expert.
2016-06-28 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix --list-packets.
2016-06-15 Niibe Yutakag10: Fix another race condition for trustdb access.
2016-06-08 Werner Kochdoc: Remove non-implemented option --skip-hidden-recipi...
2016-04-22 Werner Kochdoc: Explain that gpg-preset-passphrase can't be used.
2016-04-04 Justus Winterpo: Fix misleading german translation.
2016-02-12 NIIBE Yutakag10: Make sure to have the directory for trustdb.
2016-02-01 Werner KochFix possible sign extension problem with newer compilers.
2016-01-26 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix iobuf API of filter function for alignment.
2016-01-15 Werner KochFix possible AIX problem with sysconf in rndunix.
2016-01-13 NIIBE YutakaFix to support git worktree.
2015-12-21 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2015-12-20 Werner KochPost release updates.
2015-12-19 Werner KochRelease 1.4.20 gnupg-1.4.20
2015-12-19 Werner Kochw32: Avoid warning when using newer mingw versions.
2015-12-19 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2015-12-19 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2015-12-19 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation
2015-12-19 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Add option --weak-digest to gpg and gpgv.
2015-12-19 Werner Kochgpg: Reject signatures made with MD5.
2015-12-17 Werner Kochgpg: Change default cipher for --symmetric from CAST5...
2015-12-17 Daniel Kahn... Pass DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS for gnome3
2015-11-20 Werner Kochgpg: Avoid cluttering stdout with trustdb info in verbo...
2015-10-01 Werner Kochgpg: Silence a compiler warning.
2015-09-17 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2015-09-08 NIIBE Yutakapo: Fix Spanish translation
2015-09-01 Werner KochObsolete option --no-sig-create-check.
2015-06-16 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix a race condition initially creating trustdb.
2015-06-15 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix a race condition initially creating trustdb.
2015-05-19 NIIBE Yutakag10: detects public key encryption packet error properly.
2015-05-19 NIIBE Yutakag10: Improve handling of no corresponding public key.
2015-04-30 NIIBE Yutakag10: fix cmp_public_key and cmp_secret_keys.
2015-04-05 Werner Kochgpg: Fix DoS while parsing mangled secret key packets.
2015-03-28 Werner Kochgpg: Remove left-over debug message.
2015-02-27 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-02-27 Werner KochRelease 1.4.19. gnupg-1.4.19
2015-02-27 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2015-02-27 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2015-02-26 David Prévotpo: Update French translation
2015-02-26 Roman Pavlikpo: Update Czech translation
2015-02-26 Frans Spiesschaertpo: Update Dutch translation
2015-02-26 Manuel \"Venturi... po: Update Spanish translation
2015-02-26 Jakub Boguszpo: Update Polish translation
2015-02-26 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation
2015-02-26 Yuri Chornoivanpo: Update Ukrainian translation
2015-02-26 Milo Casagrandepo: Update Italian translation.
2015-02-26 Jedi LinUpdate Chinese (traditional) translation
2015-02-26 Werner KochFix for building without DNS support.
2015-02-26 Werner Kochpo,intl: Update to 0.19.3.
2015-02-26 Werner KochSwitch to a hash and CERT record based PKA system.
2015-02-26 Werner KochMove two functions from g10/ to util/.
2015-02-26 Werner KochAdd new function strconcat.
2015-02-26 Werner KochAdd convenience function to hash a buffer.
2015-02-26 Werner KochAllow requesting only an IPGP certtype with dns_cert().
2015-02-26 Werner Kochdoc: Fix name of keep-ownertrust.
2015-02-26 NIIBE Yutakampi: Avoid data-dependent timing variations in mpi_powm.
2015-02-23 Werner Kochdoc: Add warning note about not acting as an oracle...
2015-02-23 Werner KochProtect against NULL return of mpi_get_opaque.
2015-02-23 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Fix segv due to NULL value stored as opaque MPI
2015-02-23 Werner Kochgpg: Remove an unused variable.