2018-11-06 Werner KochRelease 2.1.11 gnupg-2.2.11
2018-11-06 Petr Pisarpo: Update Czech translation
2018-11-06 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2018-11-06 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix print_keygrip for smartcard.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochwks: New option --with-colons for gpg-wks-client.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochspeedo: Remove obsolete configure option of gpgme.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochspeedo: Include Windows patch for gpgme 1.12.0
2018-11-05 Werner Kochdirmngr: In verbose mode print the OCSP responder id.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochtools: Replace duplicated code in mime-maker.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochgpg: Don't take the a TOFU trust model from the trustdb,
2018-11-05 Werner Kochgpg: Add new card vendor
2018-11-05 Werner Kochdirmngr: Emit SOURCE status also on NO_DATA.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochdirmngr: Fix LDAP port parsing.
2018-10-26 Werner Kochbuild: By default build wks-tools on all Unix platforms.
2018-10-26 Werner Kochwkd: Add option --directory to the server.
2018-10-25 Werner Kochspeedo: Sign the windows installer with a timestamp.
2018-10-25 Werner Kochdirmngr: Fix out of scope use of a var in the keyserver...
2018-10-24 Werner Kochagent: Fix possible uninitalized use of CTX in simple_p...
2018-10-24 Werner Kochagent: Fix possible release of unitialize var in a...
2018-10-24 Werner Kochssh: Fix possible infinite loop in case of an read...
2018-10-24 Werner Kochtools: Fix FILE memory leak in gpg-connect-agent.
2018-10-24 Werner Kochsm: Use the correct string in an error message.
2018-10-24 Andre Heineckedirmngr: Only print info for no ldapserver file
2018-10-23 Andre Heineckesm: Fix dirmngr loadcrl for intermediate certs
2018-10-22 Werner Kochdirmngr: Prepare for updated WKD specs with ?l= param
2018-10-22 Werner Kochgpg: Fix extra check for sign usage of a data signature.
2018-10-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix signing authentication status.
2018-10-02 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Fix gnupg_reopen_std.
2018-09-18 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2018-09-10 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Use iobuf_get_noeof to avoid undefined behaviors.
2018-09-10 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Fix error code check from npth_mutex_init.
2018-09-07 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix memory leak.
2018-09-06 NIIBE YutakaFix use of strncpy, which is actually good to use memcpy.
2018-08-30 Werner KochPost release updates.
2018-08-30 Werner KochRelease 2.2.10 gnupg-2.2.10
2018-08-30 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation.
2018-08-30 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2018-08-29 Werner Kochgpg: Explain error message in key generation with ...
2018-08-29 Werner Kochdoc: Minor additions to the gpg man page
2018-08-29 Werner Kochgpg: Remove unused function get_pubkeys.
2018-08-29 Werner Kochdoc: Show how to list envvars send to gpg-agent.
2018-08-29 Werner Kochgpg: New option --known-notation.
2018-08-28 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation.
2018-08-28 Werner Kochassuan: Fix exponential decay for first second.
2018-08-28 Daniel Kahn... assuan: Use exponential decay for first 1s of spinlock.
2018-08-28 Daniel Kahn... assuan: Reorganize waiting for socket.
2018-08-28 Werner Kochgpg: Refresh expired keys originating from the WKD.
2018-08-28 Werner Kochgpg: Remove unused arg from a function.
2018-08-22 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2018-08-10 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix undefined behavior when EOF in parsing packet...
2018-07-29 Werner Kochgpg: Set a limit for a WKD import of 256 KiB.
2018-07-29 Werner Kochdirmngr: Validate SRV records in WKD queries.
2018-07-29 Werner Kochcommon: New function to validate domain names.
2018-07-29 Jiří Kerestešscd: Add support for Trustica Cryptoucan.
2018-07-12 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-07-12 Werner KochRelease 2.2.9 gnupg-2.2.9
2018-07-12 Werner Kochpo: Fix one fuzzy in German translation.
2018-07-12 Werner Kochpo: auto update
2018-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Remove multiple subkey bindings during export...
2018-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Let export-clean remove expired subkeys.
2018-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Split key cleaning function for clarity.
2018-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Move key cleaning functions to a separate file.
2018-07-06 Werner Kochgpg: Allow decryption using several passphrases in...
2018-07-05 Werner Kochpo: Add flag options for xgettext.
2018-07-05 Werner Kochgpg: Prepare for signatures with ISSUER_FPR but without...
2018-07-04 Andre Heineckepo: Fix bug in german translation
2018-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: Ignore too large user ids during import.
2018-07-04 Werner Kochindent: Fix indentation of read_block in g10/import.c
2018-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: Extra check for sign usage when verifying a data...
2018-07-03 Werner Kochgpg: Print revocation reason for "rev" records.
2018-07-03 Werner Kochgpg: Print revocation reason for "rvs" records.
2018-07-03 Werner Kochgpg: Let --show-keys print revocation certificates.
2018-07-03 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix memory leak for PKT_signature.
2018-07-02 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: For SOCKS connection, just fails.
2018-06-20 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: Let kernel to decide the local port.
2018-06-18 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: Fix for non-FQDN hostname.
2018-06-18 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: Fix connect and try next nameserver when ECONNR...
2018-06-18 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: Clear struct sockaddr_storage by zero.
2018-06-18 NIIBE Yutakalibdns: Sync to upstream.
2018-06-18 NIIBE Yutakadirmngr: Fix recursive resolver mode.
2018-06-12 Werner Kochgpg: Do not import revocations with --show-keys.
2018-06-12 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Add new usage option for drop-subkey filters.
2018-06-11 Werner Kochdoc: Mention new command --show-keys in the 2.2.7 NEWS.
2018-06-11 Werner Kochgpg: Set some list options with --show-keys
2018-06-08 Werner Kochgpg: Allow building with older libgpg-error.
2018-06-08 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-06-08 Werner KochRelease 2.2.8 gnupg-2.2.8
2018-06-08 Werner Kochpo: Auto update
2018-06-08 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2018-06-08 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation.
2018-06-08 Werner Kochgpg: Sanitize diagnostic with the original file name.
2018-06-07 Werner Kochgpg: Improve import's repair-key duplicate signature...
2018-06-07 Werner Kochgpg: Fix import's repair-key duplicate signature detection.
2018-06-07 Werner Kochgpg: Improve verbose output during import.
2018-06-06 Werner Kochagent: Add DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS et al. to the start...
2018-06-06 Werner Kochdoc: Typo fixes
2018-06-06 Werner Kochgpg: Also detect a plaintext packet before an encrypted...
2018-06-06 Werner Kochgpg: New command --show-keys.
2018-06-05 NIIBE Yutakapo: Fix Swedish and Turkish translations.
2018-06-05 NIIBE Yutakapo: Fix Danish translation.