descriptionThe GNU Privacy Guard
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last changeSat, 28 Mar 2015 15:55:37 +0000 (16:55 +0100)
16 hours ago Neal H. Walfieldgpg: Only use the last specified keyserver. master
3 days ago Werner Kochdirmngr: Fix resource leaks and check rare errors.
3 days ago Werner Kochdirmngr: Minor cleanups.
3 days ago Werner Kochcommon: Add macro GNUPG_GCC_A_USED.
3 days ago Werner Kochdoc: Document the changed default algos for gpgsm.
3 days ago Werner Kochsm: Change default algos to SHA256 (CSR) and AES128...
4 days ago Werner Kochgpg,w32: Handle forward slash in --keyring option.
4 days ago Werner Kochdoc: Mention that --use-standard-socket-p always return...
5 days ago Neal H. Walfieldcommon:stringhelp.c: Replace use of jblib_malloc with... neal/dirmngr-ldap
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldImprove documentation for ks_hkp_get.
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldImprove spelling and grammar of some comments.
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldImprove documenation of http_parse_uri.
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldAdd support to talking to LDAP key servers.
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldImport _gpgme_parse_timestamp from gpgme as parse_times...
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldMove copy_stream function to misc.c.
5 days ago Neal H. WalfieldMove armor_data to misc.c.
4 weeks ago gnupg-1.4.19 The long overdue maintenance release
5 weeks ago gnupg-2.0.27 Maintenance release of the 2.0...
6 weeks ago gnupg-2.1.2 Remember not to wear a tie tomorrow
3 months ago gnupg-2.1.1 Now with factory-reset
4 months ago gnupg-2.1.0 After more than 4 years of work...
5 months ago gnupg-2.1.0-beta895 a quick beta release for debian...
5 months ago gnupg-2.1.0-beta864 2.1.0 is not too far away
6 months ago gnupg-2.1.0-beta834 A new beta
7 months ago gnupg-2.1.0-beta783 yet another beta
7 months ago gnupg-2.0.26 Fixing yet another regression due...
8 months ago gnupg-2.1.0-beta751 yet another beta
8 months ago gnupg-1.4.18 Need to fix a regression introduced...
8 months ago gnupg-2.0.25 Need to fix a regression introduced...
9 months ago gnupg-2.0.24 Here comes GnuPG 2.0.24
9 months ago gnupg-1.4.17 This is GnuPG 1.4.17
9 months ago gnupg-2.1-base Startpoint for 2.1.0 beta versions.
15 hours ago neal/pending
16 hours ago master
20 hours ago STABLE-BRANCH-1-4
3 days ago STABLE-BRANCH-2-0
5 days ago neal/dirmngr-ldap
2 weeks ago neal/strsplit
5 months ago wk/test-master
2 years ago key-storage-work
2 years ago scd-work
2 years ago disallow-v3-keys
2 years ago scd-backport-2-0
3 years ago npth-2
3 years ago npth-4
3 years ago npth-3
3 years ago scd-pin-prompt
3 years ago ccid_driver_improvement