descriptionThe GNU Privacy Guard
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last changeFri, 21 Oct 2016 23:45:35 +0000 (08:45 +0900)
12 hours ago NIIBE Yutakag10: More card key generation change. master
22 hours ago Andre Heineckeg10: Write first keybox record in binary mode
23 hours ago NIIBE Yutakag10,scd: Fix ECC keygen.
28 hours ago NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix segfault changing key attr.
30 hours ago NIIBE Yutakag10: Don't ask keysize for for non-RSA card.
30 hours ago NIIBE Yutakag10: Support ECC for gen_card_key.
32 hours ago NIIBE YutakaFix use cases of snprintf.
33 hours ago NIIBE Yutakaagent: Fix saving with FORCE=1.
44 hours ago Justus Wintertests: Simplify test.
44 hours ago Justus Wintertests: Flush stdout in the fake pinentry.
44 hours ago Justus Wintercommon,w32: Fix setting environment variables on Windows.
44 hours ago Justus Wintertests,w32: Cope with Windows line endings.
44 hours ago Justus Wintertests: Create and remove socket directories.
2 days ago NIIBE Yutakaagent, g10: Fix keygen.
2 days ago NIIBE Yutakascd: GENKEY updates the public key in APP.
2 days ago NIIBE Yutakag10: smartcard keygen change.
2 months ago gnupg-2.1.15 This is just a monthly release
2 months ago gnupg-1.4.21 RNG fix [CVE-2016-6313]
3 months ago gnupg-2.1.14 2.1.14 on July 14
4 months ago gnupg-2.1.13 Now with a keyidless listing format
5 months ago gnupg-2.1.12 Fixing a lack of 3 months without...
6 months ago gnupg-2.0.30 Fixing a few more bugs
8 months ago gnupg-2.1.11 The first release in 2016
10 months ago gnupg-1.4.20 18 years of GnuPG
10 months ago gnupg-2.1.10 The too late for November release
12 months ago gnupg-2.1.9 The October release.
13 months ago gnupg-2.1.8 The September release.
13 months ago gnupg-2.0.29 Fixing a few bugs.
14 months ago gnupg-2.1.7 The August release
15 months ago gnupg-2.1.6 An early July release
16 months ago gnupg-2.1.5 The June release
16 months ago gnupg-2.0.28 A maintenance release to let the...
12 hours ago master
4 weeks ago justus/issue2700
4 weeks ago STABLE-BRANCH-2-2
2 months ago STABLE-BRANCH-1-4
2 months ago STABLE-BRANCH-2-0
2 months ago justus/issue1955
6 months ago justus/scm-9
6 months ago justus/scm-8
7 months ago justus/scm-7
8 months ago neal/issue2236
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