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2010-07-28 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.0.4 release
2010-07-21 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor
2010-07-19 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2010-07-09 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded gpg4kde link.
2010-07-09 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new compendium section. Removed old manual sections.
2010-07-06 Emanuel SchuetzeAdd new sponsor
2010-06-22 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded paypal item number.
2010-06-22 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2010-06-15 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded book section.
2010-06-15 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new donate page.
2010-06-14 Emanuel SchuetzeFix announcement link
2010-06-14 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated 2.0.3 release news
2010-06-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.3 release changes from branch to trunk.
2010-05-28 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged website title to compendium subtitle.
2010-05-28 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to compendium-de release 3.0.0.
2010-05-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated compendium release month.
2010-05-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated donation box.
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2-branch changes (r1391) to trunk
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2-branch changes (r1390) to trunk
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2-branch changes (r1389) to trunk
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2-branch changes (r1387) to trunk
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2 changes (r1386) to trunk
2010-04-16 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.2 changes (r1384) to trunk
2010-04-01 Emanuel SchuetzeChange compendium version. Add news archive page.
2010-03-17 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded README link
2010-03-10 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/download-de.htm4: The 2.0.2rc2 sources and...
2010-03-08 Emanuel SchuetzeTypo in download link.
2010-03-08 Emanuel SchuetzeAdd announcement
2010-03-08 Emanuel SchuetzeTypo
2010-03-08 Bernhard ReiterFixed download text to say "second", for the rc2.
2010-03-05 Werner KochUpdated the sha1sums
2010-03-05 Werner KochUpdated the website
2010-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.0.2rc1
2010-01-21 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/reporting-bugs-de.htm4, website/reporting-bugs...
2009-09-29 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 announcement.
2009-09-29 Emanuel SchuetzeSome changes for 2.0.1.
2009-09-28 Werner KochRemoved RC1 hints
2009-09-28 Werner Koch2.0.1 has been released.
2009-09-10 Bernhard Reiterdownload: Moved 2.0.1rc1 to the top. Added sha1sum...
2009-09-10 Bernhard Reiter* website/index.htm4, website/index-de.htm4: Added...
2009-09-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kleopatra link.
2009-09-01 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 rc1 announcement.
2009-08-31 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-31 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 RC1 download section.
2009-08-19 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded smart card hints in README. Added HTML compendium...
2009-08-18 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded README links. Update screenshot.
2009-08-17 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-14 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged link status in navigation box.
2009-08-13 Emanuel SchuetzeDisabled support form.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded md5 comment. Fix compendium link.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed compendium HTML link.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded English press release. Fix typo.
2009-08-12 Bernhard HerzogImprove some of the english web pages.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/community.htm4: Fixed some wording.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/download.htm4: Fixed some wording.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/about.htm4: Improved the about text.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated typo. Added screenshots.
2009-08-12 Werner KochFix formatting of the ChangeLog. Folks, please read...
2009-08-12 Werner KochURL and version number fixes.
2009-08-12 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated and added pages for 2.0.0 release (English...
2009-08-11 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.0.0 (German pages almost ready)
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeFirst preparation for 2.0.0
2009-07-27 Werner KochExplain "Free Software"
2009-07-09 Emanuel Schuetzefixed typos
2009-06-26 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated compendium html version (link and file names)
2009-06-24 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated to 2.0.0rc1 and compendium-3.0.0beta2
2009-05-14 Emanuel Schuetzeupdate to 1.9.16
2009-03-25 Emanuel Schuetzeupdate to 1.9.15
2009-03-03 Emanuel SchuetzeTypo
2009-03-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to 1.9.14
2009-02-18 Werner KochUpdate info to 1.1.4.
2009-02-10 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/template_link_boxes_en.m4, website/template_l...
2008-12-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.13
2008-11-19 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.12
2008-11-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded compendium html link. Changed xnames of parts...
2008-11-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to 1.9.11.
2008-10-29 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.9
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed a typo.
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate website:
2008-10-08 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.8
2008-09-30 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged new address of Intevation office.
2008-09-10 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.7
2008-08-14 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate pdf download link.
2008-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.6.
2008-07-29 Emanuel SchuetzeBack to version 1.9.2 (because 1.9.5 not a good public...
2008-07-21 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.5
2008-07-03 Emanuel SchuetzeChange web version date.
2008-07-01 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/build-installer.htm4: Completed sync with...
2008-06-30 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/build-installer.htm4: Started to sync with...
2008-06-26 Emanuel SchuetzeChange word (enduring to sustainable) in content and...
2008-06-05 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/download.htm4, website/download-de.htm4:...
2008-05-21 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/download.htm4, website/download-de.htm4:...
2008-05-05 Emanuel SchuetzeCorrects typing error.
2008-04-30 Emanuel SchuetzeAdd Translation info; some formattings
2008-04-30 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded english translation of the short study. Changed...
2008-04-30 Emanuel SchuetzeLink to new pdf version added. Some improvements of...
2008-04-25 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/download.htm4, website/download-de.htm4:...
2008-04-25 Emanuel SchuetzeRepaired gnupg integrity check link (de+en)