set manual version to rc2
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2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann2006-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-02-15 Werner KochAbout to release 0.7.0
2006-01-26 Werner KochAbout to release 0.6.0 gpg4win-0.6.0
2006-01-25 Werner KochInstall a README file, updated WinPT and GPGee and...
2006-01-09 Werner KochAbout to release 0.5.1
2006-01-05 Werner Kochwinpt corrections - lets try again building an installer gpg4win-0.5.0
2006-01-05 Werner KochPreparing a new release
2006-01-05 Werner KochPreparing a new release
2005-12-13 Werner KochMinor updates and edits, removed stuff we won't include.
2005-12-09 Werner KochAdd Makefiles for the doc directory and included a...
2005-12-08 Werner KochAdd checksums to the packages file. We don't use disgi...
2005-12-07 Werner KochRelease just for updates of WinPT and GPGol - no change...
2005-12-06 Werner Kochpost release updates
2005-12-06 Werner Kochabout to release 0.3.0 gpgol-0.3.0
2005-12-02 Timo SchulzAdd second release key for WinPT and change
2005-11-29 Werner KochTypo fixes and checking download error
2005-11-29 Werner KochReworked the download script. The actual list of packa...
2005-11-25 Timo SchulzChanged WinPT download location.
2005-11-24 Timo SchulzTemporary change winpt download location because
2005-11-24 Timo SchulzCorrected path to WinPT files.
2005-11-22 Timo SchulzUpdated WinPT URL (now 0.11.1)
2005-11-21 Werner KochNeed to use the release GnupG versions due to problems... gpg4win-0.1.0
2005-11-21 Werner Kochreleasing 0.1.0
2005-11-17 Werner KochIncluded Sylpheed.
2005-11-07 Werner KochAdd dummy manual packages and a very stupid splash...
2005-11-03 Werner KochIntegrated winPT.
2005-11-02 Werner KochDon't include config.h in
2005-10-26 Werner KochAdded WinPT and GPGee
2005-10-20 Marcus BrinkmannAdd copyright statements.
2005-10-15 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-15 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-12 Marcus BrinkmannInitial commit.