Update kleopatra
[gpg4win.git] / src / inst-glib.nsi
2009-04-03 Marcus Brinkmann2009-04-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-03-12 Marcus Brinkmann2008-03-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-02-23 Marcus Brinkmann2006-02-23 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-01-13 Werner KochMore tweaks for Sylpheed
2006-01-05 Werner KochPreparing a new release
2005-10-22 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-10-20 Werner Koch*nsi: Add a Latin-1 tag to make sure that Emacs uses...
2005-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>