MSI: Fix possible use of unintialized variable
[gpg4win.git] / src / uninst-kleopatra.nsi
2018-07-18 Andre HeineckeFix p7m and p7s file extensions for Windows 7
2018-06-25 Andre HeineckeRegister openpgp4fpr URI for Kleopatra
2017-07-26 Andre HeineckeUse RSA 3072 for VS-NfD profile
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeAdd prototype of user installation mode
2017-04-24 Andre HeineckeInstall VS-NFD and Automatic profiles
2017-03-28 Andre HeineckeRevert "Remove gpg4win logo from list of installed...
2017-03-03 Andre HeineckeRemove gpg4win logo from list of installed files
2016-06-17 Andre HeineckeAdd application/pgp-keys mimetype handling
2016-04-13 Andre HeineckeFix Unreg of File extensions
2016-04-13 Andre HeineckeRegister file extensions and AppIDs in Windows
2016-04-05 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'gpg4win-2'
2016-04-05 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'gpg4win-2'
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeFix kleopatra language detection
2016-03-01 Andre HeineckeRemove kcm_kleopatra.dll properly
2016-02-29 Andre HeineckeInstall gpg4win-compact icon in theme dir
2016-02-29 Andre HeineckeSet Kleopatra language according to installer lang
2016-02-19 Andre HeineckeUninstall additional files
2016-02-18 Andre HeineckeInstall logging conf for Kleo and config desktops
2016-02-17 Andre HeineckeRemove kleopatra dirs in share on uninstall
2016-02-17 Andre HeineckeFix Kleopatra and Breeze-Icons source installation
2016-02-04 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into kleo-kf5
2016-02-04 Andre HeineckeBuild Kleopatra from source. Switch to breeze.
2016-01-08 Andre HeineckeInstall binaries into bin subfolder
2013-05-15 Andre HeineckeAdd uninstallation compatibility to 2.1.0
2013-05-07 Andre HeineckeFix localization and help installation
2013-05-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate kleopatra build
2013-04-29 Andre HeineckeFix syntax errors caused by KDE/4.10 update
2013-04-29 Andre HeineckeUpdate kleopatra packaging for KDE 4.10
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeCombine kdelibs and kleopatra package
2010-07-15 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged file path to uninstall.
2010-07-14 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kdelibs and kleoptra (debug) packages.
2010-04-21 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kdelibs and kleopatra. Restructured kleopatra...
2010-03-16 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate uninstall file lists for oxygen and kleopatra.
2010-02-19 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated klepatra and kdelibs
2009-08-04 Marcus Brinkmann2009-08-04 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-08-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kdelibs and kleopatra (with handbook html files...
2009-03-24 Emanuel SchuetzeAdd new file gpg4win-compact.png
2009-03-24 Marc MutzAnd the actual fixes...
2009-02-16 Marc MutzAdapt to 20090206 kdelibs/kleopatra packages
2009-02-06 Marc Mutz * packages/packages.current: update kdelibs, kleopatra
2008-10-27 Werner KochUpdated Kleopatra.
2008-10-07 Marcus Brinkmann2008-10-07 Marcus Brinkmann <> gpg4win-1.9.8
2008-07-08 Marcus Brinkmann2008-07-08 Marcus Brinkmann <> gpg4win-1.9.3
2008-06-05 Werner KochEntirely removed GnuPG-1 and GPGex.
2008-05-27 Marcus Brinkmann2008-05-27 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-05-12 Marcus Brinkmann2008-05-13 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@ulysses.g10code...
2008-05-07 Marcus Brinkmann2008-05-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@ulysses.g10code...
2008-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann2008-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@ulysses.g10code...
2008-02-27 Marcus Brinkmann2008-02-27 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-02-26 Marcus Brinkmann2008-02-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-02-26 Marcus Brinkmann2008-02-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-02-19 Marcus Brinkmann2008-02-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-01-07 Marcus Brinkmann2008-01-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-01-04 Marcus Brinkmann2008-01-04 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-12-21 Marcus Brinkmann2007-12-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-11-26 Werner KochInstall libkmime and take libkleo from bin/.
2007-11-02 Werner KochUpdated to current Kleopatra.
2007-10-16 Marcus Brinkmann2007-10-16 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-10-12 Werner KochChanged default selection
2007-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann2007-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-09-25 Marcus Brinkmann2007-09-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>