Fix silent installation process kills
[gpg4win.git] / src /
2018-07-24 Andre HeineckeFix silent installation process kills
2018-07-18 Andre HeineckeFix p7m and p7s file extensions for Windows 7
2018-07-18 Andre HeineckeFix string for PEM file extension
2018-07-18 Andre HeineckeRemove duplicated shell open commands
2018-07-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpg4win-tools
2018-07-02 Andre HeineckeMake it optional to install native-messaging
2018-06-25 Andre HeineckeRegister openpgp4fpr URI for Kleopatra
2018-06-19 Andre HeineckeUse AC_PROG_MKDIR_P instead of AM_PROG_MKDIR_P
2018-06-19 Andre HeineckeBuild gpgme with --disable-gpg(sm)-tests
2018-06-19 Andre HeineckeInstall gpgme-json
2018-06-19 Andre HeineckeFix dist package
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeInstall additionally required icon
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol
2018-05-24 Erwin BronkhorstAdd Dutch translation
2018-04-20 Andre HeineckeRemove unnecessary empty flags in vsnfd profile
2018-04-16 Andre HeineckeAdd libkf5crash to mkportable
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeAdd Kcrash as a new package
2018-04-04 Andre HeineckeAdd distribution and compiler version to about
2018-03-16 Andre HeineckeInstall another icon for Kleopatra
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeKill it with fire
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeAdd update note to welcome page
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeMinor spelling fixes in english installer strings
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix About_Gpg4win Syntax
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix spelling in first sentence of first page
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeKill gpgme-w32spawn.exe on update
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeInstall icon for notepad
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeAdd emblem-unavailable icon for keyresolver
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeAdd new icons for keyresolver
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeInstall gpg4win-tools overlayer.exe
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeFix install problems after update
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE Software to latest stable
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeAdd gpg4win-tools package
2018-02-09 Andre HeineckeWrite GPGSM compliance mode in profile script
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePotential fixes for directory race conds
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix source uninstaller
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd update handling to installer and uninstaller
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd more aliases for README in other langs
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeRevert "Add swdb target"
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeInstall breeze editor icon
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeAdd swdb target
2017-12-06 Andre HeineckeCheck for error of gnupg installation
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeAdd helper targets for / README.en
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2017-11-15 Andre HeineckeRemove old dictionaries from enchant / claws
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix source installer
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix mkportable depenendcy
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix mkportable for gpg4win 3
2017-11-10 Andre HeineckeDisable Kleo and Qt for < Win7
2017-11-10 Andre HeineckeRevert Vista warning
2017-10-16 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate message during install, that Windows Vista is...
2017-09-15 Bernhard ReiterInstaller: Improves links to webpage.
2017-09-13 Jochen SaalfeldMove lowering of required KF5 versions to mk-file
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldchanged location of temporary folder during localization
2017-09-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate German translation for slideshow.
2017-08-23 Andre HeineckeAdd hack to generate qt.conf after qtsvg
2017-08-22 Andre HeineckeEnsure qttranslations install dir is created
2017-08-22 Andre HeineckeAdd qttranslations package
2017-08-21 Andre HeineckeAdd german translation for slideshow
2017-08-21 Andre HeineckeFix Pretty package name and update copyright
2017-07-26 Andre HeineckeUse RSA 3072 for VS-NfD profile
2017-07-25 Andre HeineckeDon't show compendium as extra section
2017-06-09 Andre HeineckeFix source installer build after Multiuser change
2017-06-09 Andre HeineckeUse builtin libpng for qt
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix Shortcut installation / removal for Multiuser
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeAdd support for minimal cmd line switch
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeAdd deprecation warning for Windows XP
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix qtbase dependency calculation
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeNo longer install breeze-dark
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeEnable LZMA compression again
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix uninstallation of send-to-symbolic icon
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeAdd prototype of user installation mode
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeFix run kleopatra / gpa at the end of installation
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeRemove some unused code
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeFix boost build with mingw w32 threads
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeCompile g4wihelp with static-libgcc
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeFix desktopshellrun against mingw 5
2017-05-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate Qt to 5.8
2017-04-24 Andre HeineckeInstall VS-NFD and Automatic profiles
2017-03-28 Andre HeineckeRevert "Remove gpg4win logo from list of installed...
2017-03-28 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE localisation
2017-03-28 Andre HeineckeUpdate gettext and iconv
2017-03-03 Andre HeineckeRemove gpg4win logo from list of installed files
2017-03-03 Andre HeineckeInstall missing icons
2017-02-02 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE frameworks
2017-01-19 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated slideshow images.
2017-01-17 Andre HeineckeFix debug prefix for recent kleo versions
2017-01-17 Andre HeineckeDefine KDE_INSTALL_DATADIR to share
2017-01-17 Andre HeineckeRemove KF5Gpmepp
2017-01-04 Andre HeineckeFix typo in slideshow
2016-12-07 Jochen SaalfeldUpdating to installation slides in Englisch
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeEnable cpp and qt bindings for gpgme
2016-11-02 Jochen SaalfeldRemove wrong link to picture
2016-11-02 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Makefile to include Slideshow Pictures
2016-11-02 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Icons and Installation Slideshow
2016-08-26 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE packages to 5.25
2016-08-11 Andre HeineckeInstall emblem icons for new file enc dialog
2016-07-22 Andre HeineckeDistribute slideshow images
2016-07-22 Andre HeineckeInstall Qt Printsupport
2016-07-22 Andre HeineckeImprove slideshow slightly for beta
2016-07-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE Frameworks to 5.24.0 and add KArchive