2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldsync NEWS with gpg4win repository
2017-09-20 Jochen SaalfeldRedirecting Compendium link to documentation{-de}.html
2017-09-20 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadding changes to version 3
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzePrepare 3.0.0 release.
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadding link to press release
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldremoving last traces of vanilla and light version
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversions: improves description.
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversion3: Improves descriptions.
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversion3: improves towards the user perspective
2017-09-20 Bernhard ReiterVersion3: Improves headline.
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated version3 page
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldchanges on some screenshots
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of git+ssh://playfair...
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated version3 page.
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldrework logos and the embedding of them
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldfixing some displaying issues on support pages
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldusing the right release-date
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldbumping downloads to version 3
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadded german translation of version 3
2017-09-18 Jochen Saalfeldremove privacy policy
2017-09-18 Jochen Saalfeldadding logos, adding them in "about"
2017-09-18 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-09-18 Jochen SaalfeldUpdating the Screenshots
2017-09-15 Bernhard Reiterversion3: fixes typo.
2017-09-15 Bernhard ReiterImages: Adds sources for new imgs.
2017-09-15 Jochen Saalfeldfixing headlines
2017-09-15 Jochen Saalfeldfixing display of "Documentation"
2017-09-11 Jochen Saalfeldreformat version3
2017-09-11 Jochen Saalfeldadding new pages and fill them with a bit of life
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldslight restructure of support pages
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldslight restructure of support pages
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldadding new mini-download button
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldpoint download link in footer to correct download page
2017-09-05 Bernhard ReiterReplaces favicon and bulletin graphics.
2017-09-05 Bernhard Reitermenubar: improves whatsnew button text.
2017-09-05 Bernhard Reitermenubar: improves whatsnewbutton text.
2017-09-05 Bernhard Reitermenubar: improves whatsnew button.
2017-09-05 Bernhard Reitermenubar: improves whatsnew button.
2017-09-05 Bernhard Reitermenubar: adds button for what's new.
2017-09-05 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website' of gpg4win into website-3-dev
2017-09-04 Bernhard ReiterRemoves download_mini_button.
2017-09-04 Jochen Saalfeldfixing typo
2017-09-04 Jochen Saalfeldmoving html translations to old, updating pdfs
2017-09-04 Bernhard ReiterRemoves old logo_mini.png.
2017-09-04 Bernhard ReiterRemoves old logo
2017-09-04 Bernhard Reitermenubar: exchanges logo with new symbol
2017-09-03 Bernhard ReiterCleanup: removes unused style `donate_button`.
2017-09-03 Bernhard ReiterImproves menubar.
2017-09-03 Bernhard Reiterindex: exchanges screenshot background image.
2017-08-30 Bernhard ReiterStarts preparation for webpage update.
2017-08-24 Jochen SaalfeldAdded link to download beta and news for RC status
2017-08-18 Jochen SaalfeldAdding 2017s Sponsors till Juli
2017-07-28 Andre Heineckeweb: Link modern distribution key to single file
2017-07-28 Andre Heineckeweb: Show SHA256 sums for package integrity
2017-07-26 Jochen SaalfeldFinalizing List of 2016's Sponsors
2017-07-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate website for 2.3.4 release
2017-05-23 Bernhard ReiterLinks: updates some old links.
2017-05-16 Bernhard ReiterAUTORS: correcting Marcel Newman's name.
2017-03-03 Andre HeineckeMention the new Intevation File Distribution key
2017-03-03 Andre HeineckeFix minor error in build instructions
2017-01-23 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded missing 64bit information for GpgOL.
2016-12-21 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed checked state in donation form DE.
2016-12-14 Emanuel SchuetzeImproved donation form.
2016-10-25 Emanuel SchuetzeReadded free download link on paypal page.
2016-10-19 Emanuel SchuetzeFix download link in footer.
2016-10-13 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded release date to new download page.
2016-10-13 Emanuel SchuetzeUse direct link to download page for big download button.
2016-10-13 Emanuel SchuetzeRemove free download link from paypal page.
2016-10-13 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsors (until 20160930)
2016-10-13 Emanuel SchuetzeUse two different landing thanks pages for download...
2016-10-06 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new bitcoin address with qrcode.
2016-10-06 Emanuel SchuetzeImproved donation form.
2016-10-06 ikawaguchi... donation form with reccurent donation function
2016-09-23 Andre Heineckeweb: Replace github icon with git icon
2016-08-31 Emanuel SchuetzeUse language code US for English paypal form.
2016-08-24 Bernhard Reiterweb: make online hints improved.
2016-08-24 Bernhard Reiterweb/package-integrity.htm4: (minor) typo fixed.
2016-08-23 Andre HeineckeUndefine DE macro after PAGE_START
2016-08-18 Andre HeineckeWeb: Update for 2.3.3
2016-08-16 Emanuel SchuetzeFix encoding in German about page.
2016-08-11 Emanuel SchuetzeFix encoding in German news section.
2016-08-09 Emanuel SchuetzeFix donation paypal form.
2016-08-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUse German donation form widget.
2016-08-04 Emanuel SchuetzeNew strategy for Gpg4win donations.
2016-07-07 Andre HeineckeAbout: Clarify that we support 64bit outlook now
2016-07-05 Andre HeineckeLink release announcements
2016-07-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate last version to 2.3.2
2016-07-05 Andre HeineckeAdd sha256sums to mk-chksums
2016-04-18 Andre Heineckeweb: Add historic codesignign certificates
2016-04-18 Andre Heineckeweb: Update codesigning certificate information
2016-04-05 Jochen Saalfeldfixing typo in the news
2016-04-05 Jochen Saalfeldadded links to the EMail announcements
2016-04-05 Jochen Saalfeldupdate forgotten src.exe version
2016-04-05 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate everything for release 2.3.1
2016-03-22 Andre HeineckeFix bug report link language
2016-01-04 Andre HeineckeChange download URLs to https, too
2015-11-26 Bernhard E... Advisory 2015-11-25, phrasing improved.
2015-11-26 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated news block.
2015-11-25 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new page for security advisory.