2018-05-24 Erwin BronkhorstAdd Dutch translations master
2018-04-27 Andre HeineckeUpdate copyright year to 2018
2018-04-10 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-04-10 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release gpgex-1.0.6
2018-03-29 Andre HeineckeUse PNG icon and update to modern GpgEX icon
2017-10-16 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Portugese translations
2017-09-12 Andre HeineckePost release updates
2017-09-12 Andre HeineckeRelease GpgEX 1.0.5 gpgex-1.0.5
2017-09-12 Andre HeineckeFix locale dir if installed under bin_64
2017-08-28 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Portugese translations
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeUse c++ hardening flags
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix build without exceptions
2017-02-07 Werner KochAssign maintainer
2016-08-11 Andre HeineckeFix loop logic error in new server name detection
2016-06-28 Andre HeineckePrefer kleowrapped / gpgwrapped binaries
2016-05-10 Werner Kochpo: Fix Russian translation
2016-03-30 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-03-30 Werner KochRelease 1.0.4 gpgex-1.0.4
2016-03-30 Werner KochPrint swdb info during make distcheck
2016-03-30 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS
2016-03-30 Andre HeineckeUpdate Portuguese translation
2016-03-10 Andre HeineckePlace assuan calls in a different thread
2016-03-10 Andre HeineckeSupport gpg4win registry keys and install location
2015-11-23 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-11-23 Werner KochRelease 1.0.3 gpgex-1.0.3
2015-11-23 Andre HeineckeAdd french translation
2015-11-23 Andre HeineckeAdd traditonal / simplified chinese translation
2015-11-23 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpl.texi to compile with texinfo 5.2
2014-11-05 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-11-05 Werner KochRelease 1.0.2 gpgex-1.0.2
2014-11-03 Werner KochReally send the window-id to the server.
2014-11-02 Werner KochAdd configure option to use only gpa as UI-server.
2014-11-02 Werner Kochpo: Add Polish translation.
2014-07-30 Werner KochPost release updates
2014-07-30 Werner KochRelease 1.0.1 gpgex-1.0.1
2014-07-28 Werner KochFix segv in case GNUPGHOME is set.
2014-07-01 Werner KochStart launch-gpa to avoid pop up console windows.
2014-03-05 Werner KochLock the spawning of a new UI server.
2014-01-10 Werner KochUse the generic script.
2014-01-10 Werner KochMove helper scripts to build-aux/.
2013-07-30 Werner KochPost release updates.
2013-07-30 Werner KochRelease 1.0.0 gpgex-1.0.0
2013-07-30 Werner KochAutoupdate po files.
2013-07-30 Werner KochChange bug reporting address for po files.
2013-07-30 Werner KochUpdate the Portuguese translation.
2013-07-30 Werner KochUpdate the Arabian translation.
2013-07-12 Werner KochUpdate the German translation.
2013-07-12 Werner KochUpdate the Spanish translation
2013-06-27 Werner KochMinor fixes to the help texts.
2013-06-27 Werner KochImprove error message from the UI-server.
2013-06-26 Werner KochUpdate one fuzzy in some PO files.
2013-06-26 Werner KochImprove starting of the UI-server.
2013-06-26 Werner KochImprove help file loading.
2013-06-24 Werner KochUse modern gettext implementation from libgpg-error.
2013-06-24 Werner KochSwitched to use the GIT versioning system.
2013-06-24 Werner KochAuto update the PO files.
2013-06-24 Werner KochUpdate the German translation.
2013-06-24 Werner KochAdd an About message box.
2013-06-24 Werner KochRequire latest libgpg-erro and libassuan versions.
2013-06-20 Werner KochUpdate versioninfo.
2013-06-20 Werner KochLink gcc support libraries statically.
2013-06-19 Werner KochFix for changed definition of GetCommandString.
2013-06-19 Werner KochAdjust sending of window-id for W64.
2013-06-19 Werner KochFix compiler warning for W64.
2013-06-19 Werner KochRemove trailing white space from more files.
2013-06-19 Werner KochFix a few compiler warnings.
2013-06-19 Werner KochFix warnings about winsock2.h inclusion.
2013-06-19 Werner KochRemove trailing white space.
2013-06-19 Werner KochFix helper function prototype.
2013-06-19 Werner KochRemove unneeded hack to silence a compiler warning.
2013-06-18 Werner KochUse the right compiler for make distcheck.
2013-06-18 Werner KochAdd a .gitignore file.
2013-06-18 Werner KochAuto update PO files.
2013-06-18 Werner KochUpdate and to support W64.
2010-07-21 Werner KochPrepare a release gpgex-0.9.7
2010-07-21 Werner KochFix for latest libgpg-error.
2010-04-21 Marcus BrinkmannPost release.
2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann <> gpgex-0.9.6
2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-20 Emanuel Schütze <>
2010-02-10 Marcus Brinkmann2010-02-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2010-01-08 Marcus BrinkmannFor release.
2010-01-08 Marcus BrinkmannPre-release fixup.
2010-01-08 Marcus Brinkmann2010-01-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-12-26 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-12-26 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-08-04 Marcus Brinkmann2009-08-04 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-08-04 Marcus Brinkmann2009-07-31 Emanuel Schütze <>
2009-07-17 Marcus Brinkmann2009-07-17 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-03-24 Werner KochPost release updates
2009-03-24 Werner KochRelease preparation. gpgex-0.9.3
2009-03-10 Marcus Brinkmannsrc/
2009-02-11 Marcus Brinkmann2009-02-11 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-01-28 Werner KochPreparing a release
2009-01-22 Werner KochTranslation changes (de.po)
2008-09-09 Werner KochFix forgotten commit. gpgex-0.9.1
2008-09-01 Marcus Brinkmann2008-09-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-08-01 Marcus BrinkmannAdd todo file.
2008-06-04 Werner KochMoved protocol specs to
2008-03-26 Marcus Brinkmann2008-03-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>