Bugfix #949: (a) call gpgme_check_version(NULL) during initialization and (b) provide...
[gpgme.git] / jnlib /
2002-04-26 Werner Koch* Makefile.am: Create libtool libraries.
2002-04-24 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate assuan and jnlib to 20020424 from newpg.
2002-03-10 Werner Kochremoved all the .cvsignre files - they should be local
2002-02-12 Marcus BrinkmannReverting last change.
2002-02-09 Marcus BrinkmannRevert last change to this file.
2002-01-22 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate to current version in newpg module.
2001-12-05 Marcus BrinkmannAdd .cvsignore files. Suggested by Jan-Oliver Wagner...
2001-11-02 Marcus Brinkmann2001-11-01 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-09-03 Werner KochSome changes
2001-07-31 Werner KochA couple of minor changes and a short README for Gpgcom
2001-04-02 Werner KochRelease 0.2.1 gpgme-0-2-1
2000-12-29 Werner KochAdd 2 missing files and other changes
2000-12-19 Werner KochAdd missing jnlib directory GPGME-0-1-3