json: Add guard in create_keylist_patterns
[gpgme.git] / src / data-identify.c
2016-11-16 Werner Kochdoc: Replace http: by https: in core source files.
2016-09-23 Daniel Kahn GillmorFix spelling
2016-09-13 Werner Kochcore: Mark unused function args.
2016-08-10 Werner Kochcore: Do not identify PNG files as PGP signatures.
2016-07-01 Andre Heineckecore: Fix identify for armored detached sigs
2016-06-23 Werner Kochcore: Add closer inspection of "PGP MESSAGE".
2016-06-22 Werner Kochcore: Detect compressed signed OpenPGP data.
2016-06-21 Werner Kochcore: Enhance gpgme_data_identify to detect binary...
2013-08-09 Werner KochAdd function gpgme_data_identify.