2019-10-01 Werner Kochdoc: Remove cruft from a doc entry. master
2019-08-06 NIIBE Yutakajson: Fix t-decrypt-verify.out for GnuPG >= 2.3.
2019-07-16 Andre Heineckecore: Fix arg counting in enginge-gpg
2019-07-12 NIIBE Yutakapython: doc: Remove generated files, put rules in Makefile.
2019-07-12 NIIBE Yutakapython: doc: Add suffix for org files.
2019-07-03 Maximilian Krambachjs: improve connection check
2019-06-19 Maximilian Krambachjs: Error handling for browser errors
2019-06-13 Werner KochPost release updates
2019-06-13 Werner KochRelease 1.13.1 gpgme-1.13.1
2019-06-13 Werner Kochpython: Fix regression in t-decrypt-verify test.
2019-06-13 Werner Kochpython: Set a default-key into gpg.conf for the tests.
2019-06-13 Werner Kochcore: At debug levels up to 9 print only an ascii dump.
2019-06-06 Werner Kochtests: Minor fix to run-threaded.c.
2019-06-06 Werner Kochcore: Add commented debug helper to posix-io.c.
2019-06-06 Werner Kochcore: Fix error return value of _gpgme_run_io_cb.
2019-06-06 Andre Heinecketests: Add option "allow-del" to run-threaded
2019-06-05 Andre Heinecketests: Implement import in run-threaded
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Prettify _gpgme_io_select debug output again...
2019-06-05 Andre Heinecketests: Use synced output for error in run-threaded
2019-06-05 Andre Heinecketests: Avoid variable named the same as a macro
2019-06-05 Andre Heinecketests,w32: Fix thread creation in run-threaded
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Improve the debug messages even more.
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Avoid explicit locks in the debug code.
2019-06-04 Werner Kochjson: Print "nan", "-inf", "inf" if needed.
2019-06-04 Werner Kochjson: Improve handling of large exponents in the JSON...
2019-06-04 Werner Kochcore: Implement recpstring option parsing for gpgsm.
2019-06-04 Werner Kochcore: Make gpgme_op_encrypt_ext work for CMS.
2019-06-04 NIIBE Yutakapython: Fix typo in DecryptionError exception.
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeAdd NEWS for 1.13.1
2019-05-06 Andre Heineckepython: Make EXTRA_DIST files explicit
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckePython, doc: Minor style improvement
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dkg/fix-T4276'
2019-05-03 Andre HeineckeAlways use maintainer mode -Wno cflags
2019-05-03 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix initialization warning
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: stop raising BadSignatures from decrypt(verify... dkg/fix-T4276
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython/tests: try to decrypt and verify new test data
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmortests: add two new types of encrypted data
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: make it easier to run a limited number of tests
2019-05-02 Andre Heinecketests: Add cms mode to run-import
2019-04-24 Andre Heineckecpp: Add wrapper for gpgme_set_global_flag
2019-04-19 NIIBE Yutakacore: Fix duplication of close_notify_handler for gpgsm.
2019-04-19 NIIBE Yutakacore: Fix error return.
2019-04-09 Andre Heineckecore,w32: Fix minor potential memleak
2019-04-09 Andre Heineckecore,w32: Fix new w32-util functions
2019-04-09 Andre Heineckecore,w32: Improve handling of Unicode paths
2019-04-09 Andre Heineckecore,w32: Show w32-spawn warning only once
2019-03-27 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Fix format string errors on windows
2019-03-27 Andre Heineckecore: Fix assuan logger-fd hack for windows
2019-03-26 Andre Heineckecore,w32,glib: Fix build of w32-glib-io.c
2019-03-26 Werner KochPost release updates.
2019-03-26 Werner KochRelease GPGME 1.13.0 gpgme-1.13.0
2019-03-26 Andre Heineckecore: Fix a strtoul to strtol
2019-03-26 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix GenCardKeyInteractor and extend it
2019-03-25 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Add hack to translate diag logger-fd
2019-03-20 Andre Heineckeqt: Handle diagnostic audit log for CMS
2019-03-19 Werner Kochcore: Support GPGME_AUDITLOG_DIAG for gpgsm.
2019-03-13 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix Error::hasSystemError
2019-02-28 Werner Kochjson: Fix cosmetic error in the repl.
2019-02-28 Werner Kochtests: Let run-verify print the de-vs flag.
2019-02-27 Andre Heineckejson: Limit recursion depth
2019-02-21 Andre Heineckecpp: Add ostream operators for import result
2019-02-21 Andre Heineckecpp: Make GpgME::Data::toKeys really const
2019-02-19 Werner Kochcore,w32: Fix missing sentinel in dir name builder.
2019-02-11 Andre Heinecketests: Fix memleak in run-threaded
2019-02-10 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2019-01-30 Ben McGinnespython: docs
2019-01-27 Ben McGinnespython: post installer script
2019-01-27 Ben McGinnespython: post installer docs fix script
2019-01-25 Werner Kochjson: Better use gpgme_free
2019-01-25 Werner Kochjson: Fix minor memory leaks.
2019-01-16 NIIBE Yutakabuild: With LD_LIBRARY_PATH defined, use --disable...
2019-01-15 Andre Heinecketests: Add diagnostic example to run-import.c
2019-01-09 Andre Heineckeqt: Use tofu conflict test keys without expiry
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython docs: post installer
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython: post installer doc fix script
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-26 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-24 Ben McGinnespython: docs processing
2018-12-21 Ben McGinnespython: docs
2018-12-21 Ben McGinnespython: groups example
2018-12-17 Ben McGinnespython docs: house keeping
2018-12-17 Werner Kochcore: Silence newer compiler warnings.
2018-12-16 Ben McGinnespython: howto and examples
2018-12-13 Ben McGinnespython: examples bugfix
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: new example script
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: what's new summary
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: advanced howto example
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: howto examples equirements
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: hkp key importer
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: HKP search and import updates
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: key import via HKP example
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: docs updates
2018-12-07 Andre Heineckecore: Fix ERR_INV_ARG check in genkey_start
2018-12-05 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-12-05 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: overhaul logic of Context.decrypt()
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: ctx.decrypt() has problematic error handling
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: Clarify the meaning of ctx.decrypt(verify=[])
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: gpg.Context.decrypt verify_sigs and sink_result...
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: clarify documentation for verify argument for...