2018-03-09 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings HOWTO
2018-03-09 Ben McGinnesdoc: python TODO list
2018-03-09 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-03-09 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings TODO list
2018-03-09 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdocs: TODO
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdoc: TODO list update
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto update.
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto update
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdoc: Basic operation of the python bindings
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdoc-howto: fundamental aspects of GPGME vs Python
2018-03-08 Ben McGinnesdoc: Added multiple TODOs for inclusion in the HOWTO
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesGPL compatible license for documentation
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesHOWTO update
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesGPGME Python bindings HOWTO
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesTODO - HOWTO
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesTODO
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnescopyright fix
2018-03-07 Ben McGinnesNuxed doubles
2018-03-06 Ben McGinnesRemoved double
2018-03-04 Ben McGinnesIDENTIFY
2018-03-03 Ben McGinnesMissed a couple
2018-03-03 Ben McGinnesTODO DONE
2018-03-03 Ben McGinnesTODO ben/docs/2018-02
2018-03-03 Ben McGinnesTODO updates
2018-02-27 Ben McGinnesNew stuff
2018-02-27 Ben McGinnesTODO the TODO
2018-02-27 Ben McGinnesTODO ... the TODO
2018-02-27 NIIBE Yutakacore: Support non-thread-safe getenv.
2018-02-26 Ben McGinnesWS removal
2018-02-26 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'ben/python-docs-01'
2018-02-26 Ben McGinnesLaTeX headers ben/python-docs-01
2018-02-26 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'ben/gitsettings' of ben/gitignored
2018-02-19 Ben McGinnesRenaming ad infinitum ...
2018-02-19 Ben McGinnesText conversion
2018-02-19 Ben McGinnesTitle fix
2018-02-19 Ben McGinnesConflict with Phabricator files
2018-02-19 Ben McGinnesSchizophrenic file types
2018-02-16 Andre Heineckecpp: Add shorthand for key locate
2018-02-16 Ben McGinnesHistory path
2018-02-15 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of /Users/ben/dev/hgit/mine/gnupg...
2018-02-15 Ben McGinnesLaTeX margins
2018-02-15 Ben McGinnesTODO Documentation
2018-02-15 Ben McGinnesTODO
2018-02-15 NIIBE Yutakatests: Fix previous commit
2018-02-15 NIIBE Yutakatests: More Makefile portability.
2018-02-15 NIIBE Yutakatests: Makefile portability.
2018-02-15 NIIBE Yutakabuild: More Makefile fix.
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesShort History
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesSubsectioned history
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesHistory
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesTODO
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesTODO
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesTODO
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesShort History
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesShort History
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesHouse keeping ben/gitsettings
2018-02-14 NIIBE Yutakabuild: Fix Makefiles for portability.
2018-02-13 Andre Heineckeconfigure: Fix mingw check for getenv.
2018-02-12 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: MinGW has thread-safe getenv.
2018-02-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add SpawnShowWindow flag
2018-02-09 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Enable spawning GUI applications
2018-02-09 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Fix flags passing to gpgme-w32-spawn
2018-02-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add conveniance Data::toString
2018-01-29 NIIBE YutakaFix for BSD Make.
2018-01-29 NIIBE YutakaFix compile error message.
2018-01-29 NIIBE Yutakatests: Fix for NetBSD.
2018-01-29 NIIBE Yutakacore: Implement _gpgme_getenv for NetBSD.
2017-12-12 Werner KochPost release updates.
2017-12-12 Werner KochRelease 1.10.0. gpgme-1.10.0
2017-12-12 Werner KochRequire libgpg-error 1.24 and libassuan 2.4.2
2017-12-11 Andre Heineckeqt: Don't use QDateTime::toSecsSinceEpoch
2017-12-11 Werner Kochcore,w32: Fix popping up of console windows due to...
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeSpelling fixes for comments and doc
2017-12-07 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix handling of lsig promotion
2017-12-07 Andre Heinecketests: Print userid signatures in run-keylist
2017-12-04 Werner Kochcore: Also check for a failed selftest in gpgm_data_new.
2017-12-04 Tobias Muellerpython: Default whence argument for Data() to SEEK_SET.
2017-12-03 Werner KochRegister DCO for Tobias Mueller
2017-12-01 Andre Heineckeqt: Add job for quick commands
2017-12-01 Andre Heineckecpp: Wrap create_key and create_subkey
2017-12-01 Andre HeineckeFix uid parsing for ldap keyserver
2017-11-30 Werner Kochtests: Add missing variable to gpgsm tests Makefile
2017-11-21 NIIBE Yutakatests: Make portability fix.
2017-11-14 Andre Heineckeqt: Fix IODeviceDataProvider with Process
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn... core: use getdents64 syscall on linux instead of getdents.
2017-10-04 Werner Kochcore: Allow disabling the use of SYS_getdents for Linux.
2017-10-04 Colin Watsoncore: Restore get_max_fds optimization on Linux
2017-10-04 Werner KochRegister DCO for Colin Watson.
2017-09-04 Andre Heineckeqt: Add test for version info
2017-09-04 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix version info comparison
2017-08-24 Werner Kochcore: New context flag "auto-key-retrieve"
2017-08-24 Werner KochSet next version to 1.10.0
2017-08-24 Werner Kochcore: New public enum gpgme_keyorg_t.
2017-08-24 Marcus Brinkmanngpgconf: Add more comments.
2017-08-23 Marcus BrinkmannFix a couple of bugs pointed out by clang compiler...
2017-08-21 Alon Bar-Levpython: Support parallel build in tests
2017-08-21 Justus Winterpython: Improve keylist test.
2017-08-16 Marcus Brinkmanndoc: Add version information.