2018-08-08 Andre Heineckejson: Don't error out if chunksize is omitted
2018-08-08 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix use after free in gencardkeyinteractor
2018-08-06 Andre HeineckeMake GNUPGHOME for tests overridable
2018-07-24 Andre Heineckecpp: Add safety checks for key update
2018-07-22 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-07-22 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-07-22 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-07-19 Werner Kochcore: Clear all flags for a new data property.
2018-07-19 Werner Kochcore: Blank out the plaintext after decryption failure.
2018-07-19 Andre Heineckecpp: Print origin and last update for key/uid
2018-07-19 Werner Kochjson: Don't use strdup but the xtrystrdup wrapper.
2018-07-19 Werner Kochcore: New interface gpgme_data_new_from_estream.
2018-07-18 Andre Heineckejson: Fix memleak in native msging repl
2018-07-18 Andre Heineckejson: Ensure that native msging request is string
2018-07-18 Andre Heineckejson: Fix crash by ensuring response is never NULL
2018-07-18 Andre Heineckejson: Fix memory errors in create_keylist_patterns
2018-07-18 Andre Heineckeqt: Handle encoding for diagnostics
2018-07-16 Andre Heineckejson: Fix crash on invalid json
2018-07-16 Andre Heineckejson: Fix uninitialized key unref in op_delete
2018-07-16 Werner Kochjson: Minor cleanups in cJSON.c
2018-07-16 Werner Kochjson: Fix buffer overflow in cJSON.c
2018-07-13 Ben McGinnespython bindings: example scripts
2018-07-11 Andre Heineckejson: Add with-sec-fprs param to export
2018-07-10 Ben McGinnesexample scripts: python work-arounds
2018-07-09 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-07-09 Andre Heineckejson: Add with-secret without secret only
2018-07-09 Andre Heinecketests: Add --with-secret to run-keylist.c
2018-07-09 Andre Heineckedoc: More explicit doc for EXTERN and LOCAL modes.
2018-07-09 Andre HeineckeAdd ctx flag for auto-key-locate
2018-07-07 Ben McGinnespython bindings: howto examples
2018-07-05 Andre Heineckeqt: Handle OpenPGP Diagnostic log
2018-07-05 Andre Heineckecpp: Add enum mapping for GPGME_AUDIT_LOG_DIAG
2018-07-05 Andre Heineckecore: Add gpg auditlog to get diagnostics
2018-07-04 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix memory of DecryptionResult::symkeyAlgo
2018-07-04 Andre Heineckejson: Add keylist mode locate
2018-07-01 Ben McGinnespython bindings: scheming serpents
2018-07-01 Ben McGinnespython bindings: gpg.core
2018-06-29 Ben McGinnesm4 update: python 3.7
2018-06-29 Ben McGinnespython bindings: python 3.7
2018-06-28 Ben McGinneswhitespace police:
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings examples
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings examples
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings examples: three export scripts
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings: import example
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings: export secret keys
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings: export public keys
2018-06-28 Ben McGinnespython bindings: export public keys
2018-06-20 Andre Heineckejson: Add file handling for debug output
2018-06-17 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core import statements
2018-06-17 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core — PEP8 compliance
2018-06-17 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core - key import gsoc/jacob-key-import
2018-06-16 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core key import
2018-06-10 Ben McGinnesscript:
2018-06-08 Andre Heineckecpp: Add proper gpgme_op_createkey
2018-06-08 Andre Heineckejson: Return fingerprint as createkey result
2018-06-08 Andre Heineckejson: Add op_createkey
2018-06-08 Andre Heineckejson: Generalize chunking and getmore
2018-06-07 Andre Heineckejson: Rework verify_result_to_json
2018-06-07 Andre Heineckejson: Add direct way to query a config option
2018-06-07 Andre Heineckejson: Add op_config to query gpgconf
2018-06-07 Ben McGinnesexamples: python howto
2018-06-06 Werner Kochcore: Return a better error code on certain decryption...
2018-06-05 Werner Kochjson: Allow to compile with libgpg-error < 1.28
2018-06-02 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-06-02 Ben McGinnesAuthors: DCO
2018-06-01 Andre Heineckecpp: Add gpgme_(get)set_ctx_flag
2018-06-01 Andre Heineckecpp: Add legacy_cipher_nomdc
2018-05-31 Werner Kochcore: New context flag "ignore-mdc-error".
2018-05-31 Werner Kochcore: New decryption result flag 'legacy_cipher_nomdc'.
2018-05-31 Werner Kochcore: Remove cruft from the engine-gpg code.
2018-05-31 Werner Kochcore: Minor cleanup in engine-gpg and -gpgsm.
2018-05-29 Andre Heineckecpp: Add gpgme_data_rewind to cpp API
2018-05-28 Werner Kochjson: Fix compiler warning.
2018-05-28 Werner Kochjson: Do not allow to export or delete secret keys.
2018-05-28 Werner Kochjson: Fix use of get_context.
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Implement encrypt-sign
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Implement delete command
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Implement op_export
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Fix double ctx alloc
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Add guard in create_keylist_patterns
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Implement import operation
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Improve keylist help
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Fix keylist pattern handling
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Add additional commands to help
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Refactor signature and ei code
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Implement keylist
2018-05-25 Andre Heineckejson: Deduplicate input handling code
2018-05-24 Ben McGinnesexamples: mutt crypt-hooks generator
2018-05-24 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-05-24 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Add code to gpg_error based messages
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Implement op_version
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Implement op_verify
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Put signature info before data output
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Add sign to help
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Add op_sign
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Fix invalid function call
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Print signatures for decrypt/verify
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Minor typo fixes