2016-07-11 Justus Winterpython: Do not depend on access to internal data struct...
2016-07-11 Justus Winterpython: Make result wrapping backwards compatible.
2016-07-11 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix memleaks in tests
2016-07-11 Andre HeineckeQt: Add some general Protocol documentation
2016-07-11 Andre HeineckeQt: Disable t-tofuinfo tests
2016-07-08 Justus Wintersrc: Fix error handling.
2016-07-08 Justus Winterpython: Fix raising stashed exceptions.
2016-07-07 Justus Winterpython: Fix distcheck.
2016-07-07 Justus Winterqt: Fix distcheck.
2016-07-07 Justus Wintercpp: Fix distcheck.
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeQt: Add test for publicKeyAlgorithmAsString
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeCpp: Expose gpgme_pubkey_algo_name
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeQt: Add check for pubkeyAlgo in t-keylist
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeCpp: Add PubkeyAlgo enum
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix include order when buildin test
2016-07-06 Andre HeineckeRevert "Qt: More robust lookup of Cpp's context.h"
2016-07-05 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix test build with Qt < 5.4.0
2016-07-05 Andre HeineckeQt: More robust lookup of Cpp's context.h
2016-07-05 Andre Heineckew32: Fallback to 2.1 reg key for gpgconf search
2016-07-04 Andre HeineckeDoc: Document pinentry mode
2016-07-04 Andre HeineckeQt: Add testTofuSignCount
2016-07-04 Andre HeineckeQt: Add test passphrase provider
2016-07-04 Andre HeineckeCpp: Add support for TOFU_CONFLICT sigsum
2016-07-04 Andre HeineckeCpp: Add support for pinentry_mode
2016-07-01 Andre HeineckeQt: Add test for TofuInfo
2016-07-01 Andre HeineckeCpp: Add TofuInfo to signatures
2016-07-01 Andre Heineckecore: Clarify documentation of tofu_stats address
2016-07-01 Andre Heineckecore: Fix identify for armored detached sigs
2016-06-27 Justus Wintertests: Fix trivial memory leaks.
2016-06-27 Andre HeineckeCpp: Expose new data_identify values
2016-06-27 Andre HeineckeCpp: Do not treat KEYEXPIRED as error
2016-06-24 Andre Heinecketests: Add new test tool run-decrypt
2016-06-23 Werner Kochcore: Add closer inspection of "PGP MESSAGE".
2016-06-23 Werner Kochcore: Add a base 64 decoder.
2016-06-22 Werner Kochcore: Detect compressed signed OpenPGP data.
2016-06-21 Werner Kochtests: Add new test tool run-identify.
2016-06-21 Werner Kochcore: Enhance gpgme_data_identify to detect binary...
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Improve autmatically generated docstrings.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Make result objects more robust.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Avoid creating SWIG proxy classes.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Simplify wrapping glue.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Rework callbacks.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Wrap objects implementing the buffer protocol.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Add properties to wrapped object.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Improve the documentation.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Get version information from the build system.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Fix exception leak.
2016-06-16 Justus Winterpython: Fix license.
2016-06-14 Werner Kochcore: Make sure FD_SET is not used with an out of range fd.
2016-06-08 Justus Winterpython: Improve error handling.
2016-06-08 Justus Winterpython: Add function to raise exceptions from c.
2016-06-08 Justus Winterpython: Fix stripping deprecated functionality.
2016-06-08 Justus Winterpython: Fix type.
2016-06-08 Justus Winterpython: Implement the context manager protocol.
2016-06-07 Justus Winterpython: Fix error handling.
2016-06-06 Justus Winterpython: Wrap file-like objects on demand.
2016-06-06 Justus Winterpython: Move helper function.
2016-06-06 Justus Winterpython: Fix error handling.
2016-06-06 Justus Winterpython: Initialize GPGME for the user.
2016-06-06 Justus Winterpython: Drop obsolete VCS keywords.
2016-06-01 Justus Winterpython: Fix test suite with GnuPG prior to 2.1.12.
2016-06-01 Justus Winterpython: Make Python detection more robust.
2016-06-01 Justus Winterpython: Improve build system integration, fix warnings.
2016-06-01 Andre HeineckeCpp: Use whitelist for status messages
2016-06-01 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix debug output in t-ownertrust
2016-06-01 Justus Wintertests: Fix notation tests.
2016-06-01 Werner Kochcore: Set notation flags for verify.
2016-05-31 Tobias Muellerpython: use GPG_ERROR_CONFIG variable
2016-05-31 Justus Winterpython: Port more tests.
2016-05-31 Justus Winterbuild: Fix URL.
2016-05-27 Werner KochSpeedup closing of fds before exec.
2016-05-27 Justus Winterpython: Port more tests.
2016-05-27 Justus Wintersrc: Fix typo.
2016-05-27 Justus Wintertests: Fix test.
2016-05-27 Justus Winterpython: Implement data callbacks.
2016-05-27 Justus Winterpython: Fix object deallocation.
2016-05-27 Justus WinterImprove comments.
2016-05-27 Justus Winterpython: Fix reading data from existing files.
2016-05-25 Justus Wintersrc: Fix trace string.
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Improve and test Context.wait.
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Make all GnuPG errors available.
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Move the base wrapper class.
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Support status callbacks.
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Improve docstring.
2016-05-24 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix test build with clang
2016-05-24 Andre HeineckeCpp: Set -std=c++11 also if CXXCPP is already set
2016-05-24 Justus Winterpython: Improve support for edit callbacks.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterpython: Fix hook.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterpython: Move edit callback function.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterpython: Port more tests.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterpython: Translate list of strings.
2016-05-21 Werner Kochapi: Return Tofu info for signatures.
2016-05-21 Werner Kochapi: Add new context flag "raw-description".
2016-05-21 Werner Kochcore: New functions to help parsing of status lines.
2016-05-20 Andre HeineckeQt: Add test for changeownertrust
2016-05-20 Andre HeineckeCpp: Ignore STATUS_KEY_CONSIDERED when editing
2016-05-19 Werner Kochapi: Add new function gpgme_set_ctx_flag.
2016-05-19 Werner Kochapi: Remove arbitrary restriction from gpgme_op_verify.
2016-05-19 Justus Winterpython: Improve progress callbacks.
2016-05-19 Justus Winterpython: Robust exception handling in callbacks.