Add minimalistic protected-headers support
[gpgol.git] / src / gpgoladdin.cpp
2018-11-09 Andre HeineckeOverride file close cmd to trigger shutdown
2018-11-08 Andre HeineckeAdd tracing in shutdown
2018-10-25 Andre HeineckePopulate keycache on startup
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeAdd signature info to verify category
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeIgnore reads when shutdown was triggered
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'dutch-l10n/dutch'
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeReplace log_oom_extra with log_oom
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-12 Andre HeineckeFix a possible crash when reactivating gpgol
2018-09-07 Andre HeineckeFix a possible crash when reactivating gpgol
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeAdd Address Book integration
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeAdd generic cache for IDispatch objects
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckeFix super minor memleak
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckePoor redmond man's valgrind
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckePrint error if addin is accessed after shutdown
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeUnref application unload / shutdown
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeFix reference error on Explorer / Explorers object
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeAdd memdbg handling for MAPI
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeImprove GpgolAddin debug output
2018-07-17 Andre HeineckeLoad gpgconf in a background thread
2018-07-17 Andre HeineckeCleanup shutdown and fix potential crashes
2018-07-10 Andre HeineckeConvert common to cpp and clean it up
2018-06-22 Andre HeineckeMove i18n_init after the addin connecction
2018-06-21 Andre HeineckeUse convention for MAPI/OOM active functs
2018-05-17 Andre HeineckeRemove unused engine based code
2018-05-17 Andre HeineckeRemove no MIME UI
2018-05-16 Andre HeineckeRemove files for Outlook 2007 / 2003 support
2018-04-27 Andre HeineckeDisable OL 2013 / 2016 resiliency for us
2018-04-19 Andre HeineckeAdd quick print context menu entry
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeFix Outlook 2010 TabComposeTools error
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeUnify Copyright header indentation
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeChange copyright from Intevation to BSI
2017-01-17 Andre HeineckeMinor string improvements
2017-01-09 Andre HeineckeDisable button and fix msgs if no mail selected
2016-12-16 Andre HeineckeImprove some strings
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeAlways activate the GpgOL read button
2016-12-14 Andre HeineckeUpdate signature status display
2016-12-09 Andre HeineckeRecuce Sign and Encrypt to single split button
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeMention srcname / func in debug of invalidation
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeChange valid category to Trusted Sender Address
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeFix WM_CLOSE handling
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeOnly close on WM_CLOSE of explorers
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeRemove the need to revert mails
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAdd explorer and explorers event handler
2016-10-28 Andre HeineckeFollow Outlook preference in alt. text/html mails
2016-10-28 Andre HeineckeDon't confuse Outlook and GpgME Versions
2016-10-19 Andre HeineckeMove init code behind check for application
2016-10-18 Andre HeineckeImprove sigdetails button and verify caching
2016-10-18 Andre HeineckeEnable signature status in home tab
2016-10-14 Andre HeineckeStart implementation of ribbon base sigstate
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd categories for crypto status and use them
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeRefactor util and common
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeWIP release debug
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeMinor string fixes.
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeRevert all mails on disable instead of wipe
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAdd option to switch from old to new UI
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeMake GpgolAddin class a singleton
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeAdd disabled support for inline editors
2015-12-10 Andre HeineckeAdd Options control to ribbon and prep. Sigstat
2015-12-04 Andre HeineckeUse callbacks for toggle btn state and refresh ui
2015-12-04 Andre HeineckeRevert "Add Tracepoints for issue 1837"
2015-11-19 Andre HeineckeFix DllCanUnloadNow behavior
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeUse gpgrt_asprintf
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeDo not release eventsink when disabled
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeFix double free when addin is disabled
2015-11-02 Andre HeineckeWipe all decrypted mails on disconnect.
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeFactor logic out of event handler
2015-10-28 Andre HeineckeFix recipient address lookup for Exchange addrs
2015-10-16 Andre HeineckeAdd Tracepoints for issue 1837
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeUse UTF8 in addin localization.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeOnly define TRACEPOINT macro once.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeFix crash on unload.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeInstall forms for addin
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeMake mime-send UI support optional.
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeUse toggle Buttons for MIME sign and encrypt
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeRelease application event sink instead of deleting
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix unused variable warnings
2015-10-01 Andre HeineckeChange ribbon UI for mime functionality.
2015-09-28 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into mime-addin
2015-09-25 Andre HeineckeEnable addin for Outlook 2016
2015-09-24 Andre HeineckeAdd window message helper code.
2015-09-16 Andre HeineckeAdd framework for mime decrypt / verify
2015-09-10 Andre HeineckeDo not use ambigouis %S format character
2013-08-13 Andre HeineckeUpdate translations
2013-08-13 Andre HeineckeAdd ui for verify in composer and Tooltips
2013-08-08 Andre HeineckeAdd verify action for opaque signatures
2013-08-08 Andre HeineckeAdd Action to add encrypted attachment without sig
2013-08-08 Andre HeineckeAdd signature support for files and text
2013-08-08 Andre HeineckeAdd icon for decrypt selection context action
2013-07-31 Andre HeineckeEnable Addin for Outlook 2013
2013-07-31 Andre HeineckeReanable GUI for adding an encrypted attachment
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'outlook14'
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeHandle attachments in the reader window.
2013-07-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate UI to reflect implementation
2013-07-12 Andre HeineckeImplent encryptBody and add some dummy callbacks
2013-07-12 Andre HeineckeAdd ui for additional composer actions
2013-07-12 Andre HeineckeLoad png images from resource for RibbonUi
2013-07-12 Andre HeineckeRemove GpgolExt reference and check Version
2013-07-11 Andre HeineckeImplement start certificate manager