Fix two encoding issues
[gpgol.git] / src / main.c
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFurther simplyify log level values
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'dutch-l10n/dutch'
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeStart simplification of log categories
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeRemove obsolete logging categories
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeAdd disable async encryption as hidden option
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckePoor redmond man's valgrind
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckeRemove unused code
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckeMake async encryption optional
2018-07-09 Andre HeineckeMore options / config cleanup
2018-06-22 Andre HeineckeRemove code about compat flags
2018-06-22 Andre HeineckeMove i18n_init after the addin connecction
2018-06-21 Andre HeineckeImplement auto secure feature
2018-06-11 Andre HeineckeCleanup unused options and add a warning shown opt
2018-05-17 Andre HeineckeRemove no MIME UI
2018-05-16 Andre HeineckeRemove files for Outlook 2007 / 2003 support
2017-11-30 Andre HeineckeFix logic error in two options
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeAdd deprecation warning for OL2003/2007
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeUnify Copyright header indentation
2017-01-13 Andre HeineckeAdd option to disable crypt reply selection
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeAdd autoresolve keys option for encryption
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeFix check for gpgme-w32spawn
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeRemove buggy debug output warning
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeMake gpgme install dir selection more flexible
2016-10-28 Andre HeineckeFollow Outlook preference in alt. text/html mails
2016-10-27 Andre HeineckeAdd options for inline pgp and recpt. autoresolve
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeMove more things into common_indep
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeAdd GPGME based async decryption
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix missing field initializers and enable warning
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAdd option to switch from old to new UI
2016-02-25 Andre HeineckeSearch for uiserver more agressively
2015-12-10 Andre HeineckeDisable S/MIME support by default
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeRemove dead code
2015-10-28 Andre HeineckeFix recipient address lookup for Exchange addrs
2015-10-20 Andre HeineckeLog UTC time instead of tick count.
2011-12-27 Werner KochStore gitCommit registry entry as hex number.
2011-12-27 Werner KochUse GIT commit ids instead of SVN revision numbers.
2010-07-21 Werner KochAdd Portuguese translation gpgol-1.1.2
2009-11-27 Werner KochIt seems that I solved the probelm with sending message...
2009-11-03 Werner KochThe new icon code is ready. However the whiole module...
2009-10-28 Werner KochA bunch of changes to support better looking icons.
2009-09-28 Werner Kochprepare 1.0.1 gpgol-1.0.1
2009-08-21 Werner KochDo not use MSgWautForMultipleObjects
2009-06-18 Werner KochAbout to release 1.0. gpgol-1.0.0
2008-10-17 Werner Kochuse more gcc warnings.
2008-08-04 Werner KochNew code to install forms so that appropriate icons...
2008-05-28 Werner KochAdd otpion to show encrypted messages as an attachment.
2008-05-02 Werner KochDistinguish inline and attachment dispositions.
2008-04-15 Werner KochCreated icons.
2008-04-04 Werner KochFix sign+encr problem. gpgol-0.10.11
2008-04-02 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.10
2008-03-07 Werner KochPrint a note after a software upgrade.
2008-03-06 Werner KochImplement signing with automatic protocol selection.
2008-02-08 Werner KochFiner grained debug control.
2008-01-04 Werner KochMade debugging configurable.
2007-11-12 Werner KochFixes.
2007-10-22 Werner KochCode cleanups. gpgol-0.10.1
2007-10-11 Werner KochPreparing a test release. gpgol-0.10.0
2007-10-10 Werner KochAdded missing commands for engine-assuan.c.
2007-10-10 Werner KochFirst encryption using the new Assuan based engine...
2007-09-07 Werner KochThe new framework for creating messages is now in place.
2007-08-06 Werner KochLots of changes to support S/MIME and to revamp most...
2007-07-19 Werner KochRefactored a lot of code.
2006-04-24 Werner Kochtried to fix other stuff without success. gpgol-0.9.9
2006-03-27 Werner KochSupport verification of (some) PGP/MIME messages.
2006-03-20 Werner KochAdditional test for old OL versions.
2005-12-07 Werner KochFixes for using non-adnim accounts. gpgol-0.9.5
2005-12-02 Werner Kochi18n stuff, cleanups and made make distcheck work.
2005-11-30 Werner KochAdded translation framework and translated a few strings.
2005-09-28 Werner KochYeah, that was a huge leap today.
2005-09-27 Werner KochRemoved keycache and reworked dialog internals.
2005-09-19 Werner KochAbout to release 0.9.1 gpgol-0.9.1
2005-09-19 Werner KochMerged Timos changes.
2005-09-15 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-09-07 Timo SchulzRemoved unused code and changed project name in file...
2005-09-01 Werner KochMore chnages, in particular made text/plain with foo.asc
2005-08-30 Werner KochRenamed project to GPGol.
2005-08-30 Werner KochAfter disabling RTFSync it works again.
2005-08-26 Werner KochCleanups, fixed a few bugs, use winpt as default keyman...
2005-08-26 Werner KochMany more cleanups. MapiGPGME has gone.
2005-08-23 Werner KochLarger rewrites. Many parts won't work but at least...
2005-08-15 Werner KochRestructured the whole thing. It is now named outlgpg...
2005-08-09 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-09 Werner KochSplitted MapiGPGME into interface and implementation...
2005-08-08 Werner KochAt least it compiles with mingw now.