2016-12-16 Andre HeineckeHandle button click for encrypted only mails
2016-12-16 Andre HeineckeUse signed and encrypted again in tooltip
2016-12-16 Andre HeineckeImplement direct trust handling
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeDon't add a dot after the tooltip
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeFix signature level for unencrypted mails
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeVarious string fixes for crypto_details
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeInvert category order
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeUse insecure instead of signed to sum up lvl1
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeFix sigstate setting
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckePass key by reference to get_uid
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeAlways activate the GpgOL read button
2016-12-15 Andre HeineckeHandle opaque signed inline pgp messages
2016-12-14 Andre HeineckeFix / improve inline PGP decryption
2016-12-14 Andre HeineckeUpdate copyright year
2016-12-14 Andre HeineckeUpdate signature status display
2016-12-09 Andre HeineckeRecuce Sign and Encrypt to single split button
2016-12-09 Andre HeineckeImprove messagelist icon
2016-12-09 Andre HeineckeAdd new icons for sign / encrypt
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeFix multipart/alternative html mails
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeUse MAPI message for mapi_get_uid
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeMention srcname / func in debug of invalidation
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckePrepare OOM Event handler for OL 2007
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeAdd send_seen as member variable to Mail object
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeAdd fallback to create categories
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeAlways initialize execpinfo
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckePreselect sign / encrypt for reply / forward
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeFix Reply event ID
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd supertip for unsigned messages
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeFix crash when viewing unsigned mails
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd missing icon
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeRemove some development debugs
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeChange wording to better distinguish fully trusted
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeChange wording in signature details
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeLog if a uid was skipped because of no email
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeChange valid category to Trusted Sender Address
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeEnable clearsigned support again for reading
2016-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd yellow checker for basic / marginal trust
2016-11-30 Andre HeineckeSupport multipart/related reading
2016-11-30 Andre HeineckeSupport sending embedded images(multipart/related)
2016-11-30 Andre HeineckeAdd content_id to our attach table
2016-11-30 Andre HeineckeFix content type detection
2016-11-29 Andre HeineckeFix mulipart/mixed with alternative content
2016-11-29 Andre HeineckeSupport HTML sending and fix sender updates
2016-11-29 Andre HeineckeIgnore more property changes
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeRework close and remove hacks for bad events
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeDon't close non-crypto mails
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeFix race between deletion and parser access
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeUse inline text as body if no body seen
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeHandle detected attachments without filenames
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeIgnoore WM_SYSCOMMAND / SC_CLOSE
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeImprove wording in debug output for failed crypto
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeDon't show MessageBox when encryption failed
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeStart locate-keys when a recipient is added
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeAdd autoresolve keys option for encryption
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeSleep a bit in engine_wait
2016-11-17 Andre HeineckeFix minor memory leak in error condition
2016-11-16 Andre HeineckeAdd some NEWS
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeUse undecoded body if charset unkown or not found
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeAdd some more error messages to finalize_message
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeFix use after free in mimemaker
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeFix use after free & double free
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeInstall forms for formpath forms
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeIgnore UnRead property change notification
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeFix check for gpgme-w32spawn
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeRemove buggy debug output warning
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeLook for libgpgmepp in the right libdir
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeFix errors from 1b822ad2
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeUpdate translations and translate german
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeImprove some strings for l10n
2016-11-14 Andre HeineckeMake gpgme install dir selection more flexible
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeNext version will be 2.0.0
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeUse _WIN64 instead of WIN64 to detect arch
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeAdd automake test-driver
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeAdd property change warning nomapi
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeAdd helper method to get active window handle
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeClean up some debug output
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeRemove accidentally commited AddRef experiment
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeFix WM_CLOSE handling
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeFix UI Invalidation after selection change
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeEnsure uuid's are always logged
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeFix sigstate code for multiple signatures
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeSet uuid again in close
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeRemove old error message template
2016-11-08 Andre HeineckeOnly decrypt / verify one mail at once
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeOnly close on WM_CLOSE of explorers
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeRemove the need to revert mails
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeDisable ui invalidation in explorers for now
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeAlways discard changes on close for now
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeAdd request_close windowmessage
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeUse msgclass to determine if a mail is crypto
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeAdd IID and install functions for explorer sinks
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeUse shared_ptr for parser object
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeCheck for duplicates in mail map
2016-11-07 Andre HeineckeFix build by adding new event handlers to Makefile
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAdd explorer and explorers event handler
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAdd mapi helpers for uuid retrieval
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAllow to reset uuid
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAdd close function to Mails
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAdd extra debug output for mail destruction
2016-11-02 Andre HeineckeDisable revert all mails on quit