2015-12-03 Andre HeineckeTry harder to match outlooks internal filename enc
2015-12-02 Andre HeineckeAdd revert support for PGP MulitpartEncrypted
2015-12-02 Andre HeineckeMove some debug output into debug_oom
2015-12-02 Andre HeineckeFix view of sent mails with S/MIME disabled
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeDisable MIME style support for clearsigned mails
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeActivate MIME style handling for PGPMessages >OL14
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd revert to mail class and use it instead wipe
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd mail revert implementation that works on OOM
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd OOM PropertyAccessor helper methods
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeFix reg key lookup for x64 and prep for new key
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeStart UIServer on demand
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeRework connect_uiserver call based on gpgex
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeAdd process spawning code from gpgex
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeGenerate libmapi32 for 64 bit systems corecctly
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeFix size_t / unsigned int conversion for x64
2015-11-24 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-11-24 Werner KochRelease 1.3.0 gpgol-1.3.0
2015-11-24 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2015-11-24 Werner KochFix make distcheck.
2015-11-23 Andre HeineckeNews for 1.3.0 release
2015-11-23 Andre HeineckeBe more tolerant when parsing RFC2047
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeAdd gmime-table-private header
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeUse mlang charset conversion in RFC2047 parser
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeFallback to content-type name if no cd/filename
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeParse RFC2047 attachment names
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeUse RFC2047 for attachment names
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeAdd base64 encoder
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeAdd MIME language to UTF8 conversion code
2015-11-22 Andre HeineckeAdd rfc2047 parser based on GMime
2015-11-19 Andre HeineckeFix DllCanUnloadNow behavior
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeRemove unused include
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeUse gpgrt_asprintf
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeRemove unsed vasprintf implementation
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeRevert "Use libmapi32 from mingw"
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeDisable msgclass changing code for in Body Crypto
2015-11-13 Andre HeineckeCheck PGP Body tags for additional msgtypes
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeAdd workaround for opaque signed encrypted data
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeActually add French translation from afb7e445c
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeRegenerate po files
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeAdd traditional / simplified chinese localization
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeAdd French translation
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeRemove deleted files from
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeDo not release eventsink when disabled
2015-11-12 Andre HeineckeFix double free when addin is disabled
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeAdd mkinstalldirs script
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeUse libmapi32 from mingw
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeFix int to pointer cast when creating worker
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeHandle handle to int casts
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeAdd format string macro for size_t
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeDefine out code that does not compile for x64
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeFix pointer to int cast in debug output
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeRemove dead code
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeFix recipient lookup
2015-11-02 Andre HeineckeWipe all decrypted mails on disconnect.
2015-11-02 Andre HeineckeSave mailitem on close
2015-11-02 Andre HeineckeAdd more debug output for msg wipes.
2015-11-02 Andre HeineckeFix handling sent and exchange to exchange mails.
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeFix from address lookup for exchange
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeFix regression introduced by 383cb091
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeRelease detached event sink.
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeEnable sender handling for Exchange Accounts
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeFactor logic out of event handler
2015-10-30 Andre HeineckeFix recipient lookup for SMTP addresses
2015-10-28 Andre HeineckeFix recipient address lookup for Exchange addrs
2015-10-23 Werner KochMove config files to build-aux and upodate
2015-10-22 Andre HeineckeUse utf8 gettext in inspectors
2015-10-21 Andre HeineckeMake old decrypt / verify buttons work with mime
2015-10-21 Andre HeineckeFix crash on attachment decryption
2015-10-20 Andre HeineckeMore logging and error checking in App Events
2015-10-20 Andre HeineckeLog UTC time instead of tick count.
2015-10-16 Andre HeineckeAdd Tracepoints for issue 1837
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeAdd information to body of encrypted messages
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeImprove TRACEPOINT macro.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeUse UTF8 in addin localization.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeOnly define TRACEPOINT macro once.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeCheck for result pointer in getIcon
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeFix crash on unload.
2015-10-15 Andre HeineckeInstall forms for addin
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeIncrease version to 1.3.0
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeMake mime-send UI support optional.
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeUse toggle Buttons for MIME sign and encrypt
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeRemove engine-gpgme.c from potfiles
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeReally fix msg merge failures.
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeRemove unused g10 code logo.
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeFix unused bitmap removal
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeFix resource id's and remove unused resources.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeEnable -Werror in maintainer-mode
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeCast gpgme callback functions to fix warning.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeRemove engine-gpgme
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix various warnings
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeRelease application event sink instead of deleting
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix unused variable warnings
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeDon't check for stpcpy.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix write-string warnings.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix compiler warnings in engine-assuan
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeLog error in mimemaker write_attachments.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix body handling of sent mails.
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeRemove mailitem event handler on unload
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeHopefully fix Ol 2016 crash on send
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeFix return value of invoke_oom_method