2016-10-14 Andre HeineckeAdd some more oom helpers
2016-10-12 Andre HeineckeFix last line handling of text mails
2016-10-12 Andre Heinecketests: Add two more multipart-signed tests
2016-10-12 Andre HeineckeChange behavior of inline attachments
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeFactor out is_valid check into own function
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeFix crash when mail is deleted while parsing
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd categories for crypto status and use them
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd yet another way to lookup sender
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeClarify that placeholder is used for verify, too
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd safeground around parser start
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeFree sender string on Mail deletion
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd category helpers to oomhelp
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeDefine _FILE_OFFSET_BITS for gpgme data compat
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeMake attachments work again
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeClean up set_pa_info and add comment
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeAdd excepinfo init helper
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeSimplify Attachment code by using just Data
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Add test for a mail created by us
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Fix run-parser
2016-09-28 Andre HeineckeSimplify / Fix attachment collection
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Add test for data with no headers
2016-09-28 Andre HeineckeAdd error handling for decryption errors
2016-09-28 Andre HeineckeFix handling of MIMEData without Headers
2016-09-27 Andre HeineckeRemove unused variable
2016-09-27 Andre Heinecketests: Add more S/MIME tests
2016-09-27 Andre HeineckeHandle smime encrypted signature
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add Opaque signed S/MIME mail
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeCollect S/MIME Opaque as crypto data
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add test mail with attachments
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: close plain data files and terminate strs
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add new test for encrypted+signed
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add simple multiplart/signed test
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeAdd .gitattributes to mark .mbox and .plain as bin
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeAdd charset getters to parsecontroller
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Improve run-parser output
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeDo chained parsing for decrypted content with sigs
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeSave body charset in mimedataprovider
2016-09-22 Andre HeineckeFix collecting body when not collecting crypto
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeFix shared ptr leak in freed ctx
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeFix memory leaks in mimedataprovider
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd simple test for multipart/encrypted
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeHandle multipart/encrypted pgp mails
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd first real unit test for pgp/inline/encrypted
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeUse body to decrypt / verify inline msgs
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeFix FILE read and enable write for mimedataprovider
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd test gnupg_home from messagelib
2016-09-15 Andre Heinecketests: Add messagetypes as command line args
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd parsertest for Linux
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeFix linux build of mimedataprovider
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeHandle context creation failures
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeExpose verify / decrypt results in parser
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeFix build of rfc2047parse for linux
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeMove more things into common_indep
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeAdd FILE based functions for new parser
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeMove generic typedefs into common_indep.h
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeSwitch Attachment to memory based data
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeRefactor util and common
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeRename mailparser to parsecontroller
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeStart refactoring mimeparser into mimedataprovider
2016-09-14 Andre HeineckeFix c++ linkage of rfc2047parse
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeAdd GPGME based async decryption
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeReturn MOSS attachment positon from mapihelp
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeCheck for and depend on GpgMEpp
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeBump required gpgme version to 1.7.0
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeAdd first (dummy) version of C++ MailParser
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeMark / create MOSS attachment in BeforeRead
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeAdd Attachment helper class
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeExtend add_oom_attachment with display name
2016-08-16 Andre Heinecke* src/mapihelp.cpp: New.
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeEnable c++11
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeStart mail handing restructuring
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeUnify COM Release and add debugging
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeWIP release debug
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeEnable ASLR, DEP and Fortify Source
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix missing field initializers and enable warning
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix sign only preselection
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix minor typo in eventsink debug
2016-08-11 Andre HeineckeFix loop logic error in new server name detection
2016-06-29 Andre HeineckeIgnore sent S/MIME Mails if S/MIME is disabled
2016-06-28 Andre HeineckeFix UI Server startup
2016-03-30 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-03-30 Werner KochRelease 1.4.0 gpgol-1.4.0
2016-03-30 Werner KochPrint swdb info during make distcheck
2016-03-11 Andre HeineckeAdd build instructions and update README
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeUnfuzz two strings in german translation
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAutomatic update of translations.
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeMinor string fixes.
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeRevert all mails on disable instead of wipe
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAdd german translations
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeUpdate Portugese translations
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAutomatic update of translations.
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeChange upcoming version down to 1.4.0
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeAdd option to switch from old to new UI
2016-02-25 Andre HeineckeSearch for uiserver more agressively
2016-01-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS with latest changes.
2016-01-04 Andre HeineckeFix crash when using Exchange Active Sync
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeTry to get exchange address from cache first.
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeAdd a way to resolve Exchange Address in MAPI
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeAdd helper to get MAPISession through OOM
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeMake GpgolAddin class a singleton