descriptionGnuPG extension for MS Outlook
ownerGIT admin account
last changeMon, 22 Oct 2018 10:13:48 +0000 (12:13 +0200)
38 hours ago Andre HeineckeFix check for debug levels for string debug master
38 hours ago Andre HeineckeFix HKLM fallback for config values
7 days ago Andre HeineckePass lang correctly to config dialog
7 days ago Andre HeineckePost release version bump
7 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update po files gpgol-2.3.1
7 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release
7 days ago Andre HeineckeDo not try to import empty key data from addrbook
7 days ago Andre HeineckeMake address book lookup more robust
7 days ago Andre HeineckeFix memleaks in new category code
7 days ago Andre HeineckeFix string alloc tracing
7 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate po files and translate german
7 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd signature info to verify category
7 days ago Andre HeineckeMinor indentation fix
8 days ago Andre HeineckePass address book overrides to keyresolver
8 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd some new strings from the config dialog
8 days ago Andre HeineckePass preferred protocol to keyresolver
7 days ago gpgol-2.3.1 Contact keys
7 weeks ago gpgol-2.3.0 Moving around and plugging leaks
4 months ago gpgol-2.2.0 Code cleansing
5 months ago outlook-2007-removal Bye bye EXCHEXT
6 months ago gpgol-2.1.1 Bull's Eye
6 months ago gpgol-2.1.0 Vipera aspis
9 months ago gpgol-2.0.6 Sriracha
10 months ago gpgol-2.0.5 Another crash bug bites the dust
10 months ago gpgol-2.0.4 Bugsquash
11 months ago gpgol-2.0.3 The zombies are coming
11 months ago gpgol-2.0.2 User collision
13 months ago gpgol-2.0.1 No one plans to build signed multip...
13 months ago gpgol-2.0.0 Encrypted Kittens
2 years ago gpgol-1.4.0 Now with more bits for Redmond
2 years ago gpgol-1.3.0 PGP/MIME is back to Redmond
4 years ago gpgol-1.2.1 a new release
38 hours ago master
5 weeks ago STABLE-BRANCH-2-3
7 months ago async-enc
23 months ago nomapi
8 years ago more-oom-based-with-OL2007-probs
11 years ago old-0.9-branch