Use octet_string_from_mpi in oaep_decode.
[libgcrypt.git] / mpi /
2011-03-28 Werner KochFixed a few warnings emitted by gcc 4.6.
2011-02-04 Werner KochNuked almost all trailing whitespace. post-nuke-of-trailing-ws
2011-02-01 Werner KochHandle opaque MPIs in gcry_mpi_cmp
2010-04-12 Werner KochApplied spelling fixes and more verbose test diagnositc...
2010-02-22 Werner KochFix for gcc 4.4 on mips
2009-12-09 Werner KochDisable all sparc64 asm stuff
2009-05-26 Werner KochFix reading of a zero MPIs.
2009-02-16 Werner KochPortability fixes.
2008-12-05 Werner KochFixed error cases in mpicoder.
2008-12-04 Werner KochRe-indent source4.
2008-12-03 Werner KochFix last moi-pow.c change.
2008-12-02 Werner KochFix bug 977.
2008-12-02 Werner KochRe-indented some code.
2008-08-29 Werner KochOverhauled the keygrip computation.
2008-08-20 Werner KochReplace assert calls by a new gcry_assert at most places.
2008-08-20 Werner KochImplemented gcry_mpi_lshift.
2008-08-19 Werner KochAdding gcry_mpi_lshift. libgcrypt-1.4.2rc1
2007-10-31 Werner KochReorganizatiosn to support the visibility attribute.
2007-10-29 Werner KochFixed host/target usage.
2007-10-26 Werner KochPreparing a release libgcrypt-1.3.1
2007-05-09 Marcus Brinkmann2007-05-09 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-05-04 Werner KochPost release updates.
2007-05-03 Werner KochMinor fixes for W32
2007-04-30 Werner Koch./
2007-04-29 Marcus Brinkmann2007-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-04-16 Werner Koch./
2007-03-28 Werner KochRewrote the ECDSA implementation.
2007-03-23 Werner KochDid some performance experiments and added code for...
2007-03-22 Werner KochExperimental support for ECDSA.
2007-03-13 Werner KochSome RNG cleanups.
2007-03-13 Werner KochAdd support for ADM64. From Werner Dittmann.
2007-02-23 Werner KochPorted last changes from 1.2.
2007-02-21 Werner KochA lot of cleanups as well as minor API changes.
2006-12-18 Werner Koch* rndlinux.c (set_cloexec_flag): New.
2006-11-05 Moritz Schulte2006-11-05 Moritz Schulte <>
2006-10-23 Werner KochApplied two simple patches.
2006-08-28 Werner KochFixed a problem with shifting MPIs by 0.
2006-08-04 Werner KochFixed gcry_mpi_set_bit and enhanced mpi_rshift.
2006-07-26 Werner KochCollected changes - see ChangeLogs
2005-10-09 Moritz Schultempi/ChangeLog:
2005-04-27 Moritz Schulte2005-04-27 Moritz Schulte <>
2005-04-22 Moritz SchulteChangeLog:
2005-02-22 Werner KochSee ChangeLogs
2005-02-16 Moritz Schulte2005-02-16 Moritz Schulte <>
2004-12-16 Werner Koch(mpi_optional_modules): Move entry for powerpc64
2004-03-03 Werner Koch* hppa1.1/udiv-qrnnd.S: Alignment fix from Lamont Jones for
2003-12-19 Werner Koch* mpi-internal.h [M_DEBUG]: Removed this unused code.
2003-12-19 Werner KochAdded Manifest files.
2003-12-19 Werner Koch(gcry_mpi_randomize): Use gcry_create_nonce if WEAK V1-1-91
2003-12-04 Werner Kochadded a #warning
2003-10-31 Werner Koch* acinclude.m4 (AC_CHECK_PTH): Added.
2003-08-27 Moritz Schulte2003-08-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-07-30 Werner Koch(Maintainer): Assigned Moritz as Maintainer.
2003-07-30 Moritz Schulte2003-07-30 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-07-28 Werner KochMinor char * to unsigned char* changes. The general...
2003-07-27 Werner Koch* gcrypt.h (gcry_mpi_scan, gcry_mpi_print): API change.
2003-07-18 Werner Koch* md.c (gcry_md_hash_buffer): Convert ERR to gpg_error_t in
2003-07-14 Moritz Schulte2003-07-14 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-06-17 Moritz Schulte2003-06-16 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-06-09 Moritz Schulte2003-06-09 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-05-22 Moritz Schulte2003-05-21 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-04-27 Moritz Schulte2003-04-27 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-04-15 Werner Koch* longlong.h (umul_ppmm): Support SH3 and SH4. Thanks to
2003-04-02 Werner Koch* mpicoder.c (gcry_mpi_print): Fixed testing against...
2003-01-15 Werner Koch* longlong.h: Removed some spaces between backslashes...
2002-09-20 Werner Koch* mpi-mul.c (gcry_mpi_mul_2exp): New. This was declared in
2002-09-20 Werner Koch* (DISTCLEANFILES): Include mpi-asm-defs.h
2002-09-18 Werner Koch* (.S.lo): Pass -DPIC. i386, PPC and Sparc...
2002-08-23 Werner Koch* (.S.lo): Fixed for libtool build with...
2002-07-25 Werner Koch* longlong.h: Replaced all K&R multiline strings by...
2002-06-25 Werner Koch* mpiutil.c (gcry_mpi_swap): New. V1-1-8
2002-06-12 Werner Koch* hppa1.1/udiv-qrnnd.S: Changes for PIC by Randolph...
2002-05-16 Werner KochFixed quoting error
2002-05-15 Werner Koch* config.links: Chnage the way the mpi modules are...
2002-05-14 Werner KochChange the license to the LGPL. now-less-freedom-protected
2002-05-02 Werner Koch* mpicoder.c (gcry_mpi_scan): Don't use normalize on...
2002-03-20 Werner Koch* mpicoder.c (mpi_read_from_buffer): Bail out on a...
2002-02-07 Werner Kochissue #warning only for gcc. V1-1-6
2002-01-24 Werner Kochjnlib/
2001-12-18 Werner KochAdded some comments
2001-11-15 Werner KochChanges mainly to fix automake problems
2001-08-03 Werner Kochreleased 1.1.4 V1-1-4
2001-05-31 Werner KochThe first libgcrypt only release. V1-1-3
2001-05-28 Werner KochMerged back some changes fron gnupg. Fixed doc building.
2001-03-29 Werner KochFixed the bug in the hash code
2001-01-11 Werner KochCBC mode fixes for AES
2000-12-21 Werner KochChanged program name in all files
2000-12-19 Werner KochCompiles again
2000-12-19 Werner KochFirst checkin of libgcrypt after splitting it out from...
2000-11-14 Werner KochSome configuration changes
2000-10-11 Werner KochAdd features packet and fixes MIPS3.
2000-07-28 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Fri Jul 28 18:19:11 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-07-25 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Jul 25 17:44:15 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-07-17 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Jul 17 16:35:47 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-03-24 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Fri Mar 24 11:25:45 CET 2000 Werner...
2000-01-24 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Jan 24 22:24:38 CET 2000 Werner...
2000-01-24 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Jan 24 13:04:28 CET 2000 Werner...
1999-12-31 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Fri Dec 31 14:06:56 CET 1999 Werner...
1999-12-31 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Fri Dec 31 12:48:31 CET 1999 Werner...
1999-12-08 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Wed Dec 8 21:58:32 CET 1999 Werner...