Minor fixes for W32
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2007-05-03 Werner KochMinor fixes for W32
2007-05-02 Werner KochMore info from GCRYCTL_PRINT_CONFIG.
2007-05-02 David ShawAdd Camellia support.
2007-04-30 Werner KochDropped GCRYCTL_DUMP_CONFIG in favor of GCRYCTL_PRINT_C...
2007-04-30 Werner KochAdd support for setting the EGD socket.
2007-04-30 Werner Koch./
2007-04-18 Werner KochEnhanced support for ECDSA.
2007-04-16 Werner Koch./
2007-03-28 Werner KochRewrote the ECDSA implementation.
2007-03-23 Werner KochDid some performance experiments and added code for...
2007-03-22 Werner KochExperimental support for ECDSA.
2007-03-16 Werner KochFixed typo introduced back in October
2007-03-13 Werner KochSome RNG cleanups.
2007-02-23 Werner KochPorted last changes from 1.2.
2007-02-22 Werner KochTweaks for W32
2007-02-21 Werner KochA lot of cleanups as well as minor API changes.
2007-02-12 Werner Koch* gcrypt.h.in: Include stdlib.h for the sake fo the...
2006-12-18 Werner Koch* rndlinux.c (set_cloexec_flag): New.
2006-10-23 Werner KochApplied two simple patches.
2006-10-19 Werner KochLet secmem init return an error if the memeory could...
2006-10-17 Werner KochVarious minor changes.
2006-10-12 Marcus BrinkmannFix small typos that I should have fixed before committ...
2006-10-12 Marcus Brinkmann2006-10-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-10-11 Marcus Brinkmann2006-10-11 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-10-10 Marcus Brinkmann2006-10-10 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-08-29 Werner KochAdded SEED cipher
2006-08-28 Werner KochFixed a problem with shifting MPIs by 0.
2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-26 Werner KochCollected changes - see ChangeLogs
2006-07-12 Marcus BrinkmannFixup email address by contributor.
2006-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-06-21 Werner KochChanged xmalloc style calls to proper malloc calls...
2006-04-28 Werner KochChanged value of GCRY_MD_SHA224 from 306 to 11.
2006-04-22 Moritz Schultecipher/ChangeLog:
2006-04-01 Moritz Schultesrc/ChangeLog:
2006-03-17 Werner KochMore changes.
2006-03-15 Werner KochWrote random daemon and client.
2006-03-10 Werner KochApplied pacthes from Brad Hards.
2005-11-02 Moritz Schultesrc/ChangeLog
2005-10-31 Moritz Schultesrc/ChangeLog:
2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte2005-10-16 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-10-16 Moritz Schultesrc/ChangeLog:
2005-10-09 Moritz Schulte2005-10-09 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-10-01 Moritz Schulte(no commit message)
2005-10-01 Moritz Schulte2005-10-01 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-09-15 Moritz Schulte2005-09-15 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-06-25 Moritz Schulte2005-06-25 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-06-17 Moritz Schulte2005-06-17 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-04-22 Moritz SchulteChangeLog:
2005-04-14 Werner Koch(whitespacep): New.
2005-04-11 Moritz Schulte2005-04-11 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-03-30 Moritz Schulte2005-03-30 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-03-22 Moritz Schulte2005-03-03 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2005-02-22 Werner Koch(_gcry_malloc): Make sure ERRNO is set if we return
2005-02-13 Moritz Schulte2005-02-13 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2004-11-09 Werner KochRemoved trailing commas. This time comitting to the...
2004-10-12 Werner Koch* sexp.c (sexp_sscan): Removed C++ style comments....
2004-08-23 Moritz Schulte2004-08-23 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2004-08-22 Moritz Schulte2004-08-18 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2004-08-10 Moritz Schulte2004-08-10 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2004-05-07 Werner Koch* random.c (initialize): Factored out some code to ..
2004-04-22 Marcus Brinkmann2004-04-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-04-15 Werner KochFixed typo in Makefile.am V1-2-0 V1-2-1
2004-04-15 Werner KochAdded Manifest to Makefile.am
2004-04-15 Werner KochAdded missing files.
2004-04-15 Werner KochAbout to release 1.2
2004-04-06 Werner Koch* config.guess, config.sub, ltmain.sh: Updated to those...
2004-03-29 Werner Koch(_gcry_secmem_realloc): Fixed double unlock; bug
2004-03-29 Werner Koch*** empty log message *** V1-1-94
2004-03-29 Werner Koch* configure.ac: Set LT to C12/A1/R0.
2004-03-17 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-17 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-13 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-11 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-10 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de> marcus-after-thread-cbs
2004-03-06 Werner Koch. V1-1-93
2004-03-06 Werner Koch* configure.ac (LIBGCRYPT_CONFIG_SONAME_NUMBER): Replac...
2004-03-05 Werner Koch* configure.ac (LIBGCRYPT_CONFIG_SONAME_NUMBER): New.
2004-03-03 Werner KochTypo fixes.
2004-03-02 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-01 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-01 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-01 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-02-20 Werner Koch* configure.ac: Set LT to C11/A0/R0. V1-1-92
2004-02-20 Werner Koch* primegen.c (check_prime): New args CB_FUNC and CB_ARG...
2004-02-13 Werner KochAdded support for a 40 bit RFC2268 cipher. Thanks...
2004-02-03 Werner Koch* secmem.c (_gcry_secmem_init): Do not print the "not...
2004-01-25 Moritz Schulte2004-01-25 Moritz Schulte <mo@g10code.com>
2004-01-15 Moritz Schulte2004-01-12 Moritz Schulte <mo@g10code.com>
2003-12-19 Werner Koch(wipememory, wipememory2): New; taken from gnupg.
2003-12-19 Werner KochBumbed LT version to C10/A3/R1.
2003-12-08 Werner KochRemoved the files we now keep in the top dir.
2003-11-18 Werner Koch* random.h (rndw32_set_dll_name): Removed unused prototype.
2003-11-14 Werner Koch(gcry_strdup): Don't copy the string after a malloc
2003-11-11 Werner Koch* Manifest: New.
2003-11-11 Moritz Schulte2003-11-11 Moritz Schulte <mo@g10code.com>