Add crypto hash SM3.
[libgcrypt.git] / tests / hashtest.c
2017-10-24 Jia ZhangAdd crypto hash SM3.
2017-04-28 NIIBE YutakaSpelling fixes in docs and comments.
2016-12-13 Justus Wintertests: Check the result of all gcry_control operations.
2016-12-13 Justus Wintertests: Use common code for all tests.
2016-12-13 Justus Wintertests: Rename 'show' to 'info'.
2016-04-14 Werner Kochtests: Add test vectors for 256 GiB test of SHA3-256.
2015-04-15 Werner Kochtests: Improve stopwatch.h
2013-12-16 Werner Kochtests: Add SHA-512 to the long hash test.
2013-11-14 Werner Kochmd: Fix hashing for data >= 256 GB