2015-05-01 Jussi KivilinnaFix tail handling in buf_xor_1
2015-05-01 Jussi KivilinnaAdd --disable-hwf for basic tests
2015-05-01 Jussi KivilinnaUse more odd chuck sizes for check_one_md
2015-05-01 Jussi KivilinnaEnable more modes in basic ciphers test
2015-05-01 Jussi KivilinnaFix reseting cipher in OCB mode
2015-04-30 Jussi KivilinnaFix buggy RC4 AMD64 assembly and add test to notice...
2015-04-26 Jussi KivilinnaDisallow compiler from generating SSE instructions...
2015-04-18 Jussi KivilinnaAdd OCB bulk crypt/auth functions for AES/AES-NI
2015-04-15 Werner Kochtests: Add option to time the S2K function.
2015-04-15 Werner Kochtests: Improve stopwatch.h
2015-04-13 Werner Kochmpi: Fix gcry_mpi_copy for NULL opaque data.
2015-04-12 Werner KochAdd git url to AUTHORS
2015-03-21 Jussi Kivilinnawipememory: use one-byte aligned type for unaligned...
2015-03-21 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: use one-byte aligned type for unaligned memory...
2015-03-21 Jussi Kivilinnatests/bench-slope: fix memory-leak and use-after-free...
2015-03-19 Werner KochFix two pedantic warnings.
2015-03-16 Werner KochUse well defined type instead of size_t in secmem.c
2015-03-16 Werner KochMake uintptr_t global available.
2015-03-16 Werner KochIndentation fix.
2015-03-16 Werner Kochmpi: Remove useless condition.
2015-03-16 Werner Kochcipher: Remove useless NULL check.
2015-02-28 Jussi KivilinnaFix in-place encryption for OCB mode
2015-02-27 NIIBE Yutakatests: fix t-sexp.c.
2015-02-27 NIIBE Yutakampi: Avoid data-dependent timing variations in mpi_powm.
2015-02-27 NIIBE Yutakampi: Revise mpi_powm.
2015-02-23 Werner Kochcipher: Use ciphertext blinding for Elgamal decryption.
2015-02-12 NIIBE Yutakampi: Add mpi_set_cond.
2015-01-30 Werner Kochw32: Use -static-libgcc to avoid linking to libgcc_s_sj...
2015-01-28 Werner KochFix building of GOST s-boxes when cross-compiling.
2015-01-20 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: fix wrong ifdef for SSSE3 setkey
2015-01-16 Werner KochAdd OCB cipher mode
2015-01-15 Werner KochAdd functions to count trailing zero bits in a word.
2015-01-15 Werner KochRe-indent types.h for easier reading.
2015-01-08 Werner Kochcipher: Prepare for OCB mode.
2015-01-06 Werner KochMake make distcheck work again.
2015-01-06 Werner KochRemove the old Manifest files
2015-01-06 Dmitry Eremin... stribog: Reduce table size to the needed one.
2015-01-06 Dmitry Eremin... gostr3411-94: Fix the iteration count for length fillin...
2015-01-06 Werner Kochbuild: Add a commit-msg git-hook script.
2015-01-05 Werner Kochrandom: Silent warning under NetBSD using rndunix
2015-01-05 Werner Kochprimegen: Fix memory leak for invalid call sequences.
2015-01-05 Werner Kochdoc: Update yat2m to current upstream version (GnuPG).
2015-01-05 Werner Kochbuild: Require automake 1.14.
2015-01-05 Werner Kochcipher: Add the original PD notice to rijndael-ssse3...
2015-01-05 Werner KochReplace camel case of internal scrypt functions.
2015-01-05 Werner Kochdoc: State that gcry_md_write et al may be used after...
2015-01-05 Werner Kochdoc: typo fix
2015-01-02 Jussi Kivilinnarmd160: restore native-endian store in _gcry_rmd160_mix...
2014-12-27 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Intel SSSE3 based vector permutation AES implementation
2014-12-25 Jussi Kivilinnarandom-csprng: fix compiler warnings on ARM
2014-12-25 Jussi Kivilinnascrypt: fix compiler warnings on ARM
2014-12-25 Jussi Kivilinnasecmem: fix compiler warnings on ARM
2014-12-25 Jussi Kivilinnahash: fix compiler warning on ARM
2014-12-25 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: fix compiler warnings on ARM
2014-12-23 Jussi KivilinnaPoly1305-AEAD: updated implementation to match draft...
2014-12-23 Jussi Kivilinnachacha20: allow setting counter for stream random access
2014-12-23 Jussi Kivilinnagcm: do not pass extra key pointer for setupM/fillM
2014-12-23 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: use more compact look-up tables and add table...
2014-12-15 Werner Kochbuild: Add configure option --disable-doc.
2014-12-12 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: further optimizations for AES-NI accelerated...
2014-12-12 Jussi KivilinnaGCM: move Intel PCLMUL accelerated implementation to...
2014-12-06 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: split Padlock part to separate file
2014-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: refactor to reduce number of #ifdefs and...
2014-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: move AES-NI blocks before Padlock
2014-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael: split AES-NI functions to separate file
2014-11-24 Werner KochRemove duplicated prototypes.
2014-11-24 Werner Kochtests: Add a prime mode to benchmark.
2014-11-19 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Improve Montgomery curve implementation.
2014-11-02 Jussi KivilinnaDisable NEON for CPUs that are known to have broken...
2014-11-02 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARM/NEON implementation of Poly1305
2014-11-02 Jussi Kivilinnachacha20: add ARMv7/NEON implementation
2014-10-09 Werner KochRegister DCO for Markus Teich
2014-10-08 Markus Teichmpi: Add gcry_mpi_ec_sub.
2014-10-08 Werner Kochdoc: Fix a configure option name.
2014-10-08 Werner KochFix prime test for 2 and lower and add check command...
2014-10-04 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Whirlpool AMD64/SSE2 assembly implementation
2014-10-04 Andrei SchererImproved ripemd160 performance
2014-10-02 Werner Kochbuild: Document SYSROOT.
2014-10-02 Werner Kochbuild: Support SYSROOT based config script finding.
2014-09-30 Werner Kochmac: Fix gcry_mac_close to allow for a NULL handle.
2014-09-03 Werner KochAdd a constant for a forthcoming new RNG.
2014-09-02 Jussi KivilinnaAdd new Poly1305 MAC test vectors
2014-09-02 Werner Kochasm: Allow building x86 and amd64 using old compilers.
2014-09-01 Werner KochAdd DCO entries for Andrei Scherer and Stefan Mueller.
2014-08-29 Werner Kochmpi: Re-indent longlong.h.
2014-08-21 Werner Kochsexp: Check args of gcry_sexp_build.
2014-08-21 Werner Kochcipher: Fix a segv in case of calling with wrong parame...
2014-08-21 Werner Kochcipher: Fix possible NULL deref in call to prime generator.
2014-08-12 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Support Montgomery curve for gcry_mpi_ec_mul_point.
2014-08-09 Werner Kochtests: Add a benchmark for Elgamal.
2014-08-08 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Add cofactor to domain parameters.
2014-08-05 Werner Kochmpi: Fix regression for powerpc-apple-darwin detection.
2014-08-05 Werner KochFix bug inhibiting the use of the sentinel attribute.
2014-08-05 Werner Kochmpi: Use BSD syntax for x86_64-apple-darwin
2014-08-05 Kristian FiskerstrandFix building for the x32 target without asm modules.
2014-07-25 Werner Kochecc: Support the non-standard 0x40 compression flag...
2014-07-25 Werner Kochmpi: Extend the internal mpi_get_buffer.
2014-07-25 Werner Kochcipher: Fix compiler warning for chacha20.
2014-07-16 NIIBE Yutakampi: Add mpi_swap_cond.
2014-06-29 Jussi KivilinnaSpeed-up SHA-1 NEON assembly implementation