Added user data feature for ksba_cert_t
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2005-11-11 Werner KochAdded user data feature for ksba_cert_t
2005-06-02 Werner KochAdded gnulib stuff to allow for a portable alloca
2005-04-15 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Added a new function. Markup improvements.
2004-09-27 Werner Koch* Bumbed LT version to C13/A5/R2.
2004-03-23 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Added 2 more fucntions. Minor other updates.
2004-01-28 Werner KochUpdated the table and changed a few names only used for
2003-12-01 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Cahnged license to GPL.
2002-11-13 Werner KochGot caught by the Ministry for Clean Language: Reworded...
2002-11-13 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Sanitized the wording of fixmes and added...