2001-11-13 Werner KochI have to keep on working on this beast.
2001-11-06 Werner KochAdded more functionality, basic certificate stuff can...
2001-11-03 Werner KochStill working on that beast
2001-10-31 Werner KochThe old DER decoder is not anymore used.
2001-10-31 Werner KochAdded library configuration stuff.
2001-10-31 Werner KochReworked the ASN.1 parser a bit, changed a couple of...
2001-10-23 Bernhard ReiterAdded: File COPYING with GNU GPL v2, it just belongs...
2001-10-16 Werner KochMore changes to the ASN.1 stuff.
2001-10-12 Werner KochStarted major rewrite of the ASN.1 stuff
2001-10-10 Werner KochInitial checking
2001-10-10 Repo AdminNew repository initialized by cvs2svn.