2014-11-25 Werner KochRelease 1.3.2. libksba-1.3.2
2014-11-25 Werner Kochbuild: Update version number magic.
2014-11-25 Werner Kochbuild: Update gpg-error.m4 and libgcrypt.m4
2014-11-25 Werner KochFix buffer overflow in ksba_oid_to_str.
2014-09-25 Werner KochStrip CRs while building the oid translation table.
2014-09-18 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-09-18 Werner KochRelease 1.3.1. libksba-1.3.1
2014-07-22 Werner KochUpdate gpl.texi from GnuPG to fix syntax errors.
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Fix two memory leaks in cert-basic test
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Enable optional valgrind for testsuite
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Fix memory leak in crl parsing code.
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Adapt mkoidtbl script to newer dumpasn1 database format
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Reuse common test functions in cert-basic test
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... tests: fix print_sexp and print_sexp_hex functions
2014-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... tests: Pass -no-install to libtool
2014-04-15 Werner Kochtests: Fix warning about unused var.
2014-04-15 Werner KochFix possible segv if NULL is passed as cert.
2014-01-10 Werner KochRemove cruft.
2014-01-10 Werner KochUse the generic script.
2014-01-08 Werner KochAdd --enable-silent-rules stuff.
2014-01-08 Werner KochFix libtool 2.4.2 to correctly detect .def files.
2013-12-10 David 'Digit... Update libtool to support Android.
2013-12-10 Werner KochAdd build support for ppc64le.
2013-12-10 Werner KochFix duplicate definition of TRUE and FALSE in grammar...
2012-11-16 Werner KochImprove parsing of the GIT revision number.
2012-11-16 Werner KochFix non-portable use of chmod in
2012-09-27 Werner KochPost release updates
2012-09-27 Werner KochRelease 1.3.0 libksba-1.3.0
2012-09-26 Werner KochUpdate build helper scripts
2012-09-26 Werner KochAdjust for stricter autoconf requirements.
2012-09-26 Werner KochDo not distribute a copy of gitlog-to-changelog.
2012-09-26 Werner KochAllow building with w64-mingw32
2012-09-26 Werner KochSwitch to the new automagic beta numbering scheme.
2012-09-26 Werner KochChange library license to LGPLv3+/GPLv2+.
2012-09-26 Werner KochRemove unused or useless files.
2011-12-06 Werner KochAllow to set subject and issuer.
2011-12-01 Werner KochPost release updates.
2011-12-01 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-11-28 Jim Meyeringaccept --with-libgpg-error-prefix as well as --with...
2011-03-01 Werner KochPrepare 1.2 release libksba-1.2.0
2011-03-01 Werner KochFix setting of not-before date
2011-02-28 Werner KochComplete X.509 creation stuff
2011-02-25 Werner KochSupport the creation of X.509 certificates.
2011-02-25 Werner KochAdd cross-building consistency checks
2011-02-25 Werner KochBuild t-oid and add a feature to translate an oid to...
2011-02-25 Werner KochDon't compare the patchlevel
2011-02-24 Werner KochNuked all trailing white space
2011-01-03 Werner KochShorten commit identifier
2010-12-22 Werner KochAdd git commit identifier to the version
2010-10-26 Werner KochPost release updates
2010-10-26 Werner KochUpdate config.gues et al. debian/libksba-1.1.0
2010-09-13 Werner KochNo all systems have /dev/null - adjust for that.
2010-08-19 Werner KochPrepare for gpg-error change
2010-08-19 Werner KochFix static buffer overflow.
2010-08-04 Werner KochMinor change
2010-08-02 Werner KochAdd 2 new functions. Bumped version number.
2010-07-15 Werner KochPost release updates
2010-07-15 Werner KochPrepare a release debian/libksba-1.0.8
2010-07-15 Werner KochFixed parsing bug.
2010-05-06 Werner KochMake it build from SVN even when cross compiling
2010-04-14 Werner KochUpdated
2010-01-22 Werner KochSupport WindowsCE.
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-07-03 Werner Koch* Bump LT version to C17/A9/R7. Unfortun...
2009-07-03 Werner KochPreparing a release debian/libksba-1.0.7
2009-07-02 Werner KochAllow mixed cased names in DNs.
2009-07-01 Werner KochHandle BER encoded DNs. Those are not very useful
2009-06-29 Werner KochDetect overflow while parsing OIDs.
2009-06-05 Werner Kochpost release updates
2009-06-05 Werner KochPrepare 1.0.6 debian/libksba-1.0.6
2009-05-28 Werner KochUse an explicit NULL in an RSA algorithmIdentifier...
2009-03-26 Werner KochSupport SHA-384 and -512.
2009-01-14 Werner KochRemove return statements in void fucntions.
2009-01-09 Werner KochPreparing a release debian/libksba-1.0.5
2009-01-08 Werner KochFix segv for certain DSA certificates.
2008-11-12 Marcus Brinkmann2008-11-12 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-10-30 Werner KochAdd more gcc warning options in maintainer mode.
2008-10-30 Marcus Brinkmann2008-10-30 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-09-22 Werner KochPrepare release debian/libksba-1.0.4
2008-09-04 Werner KochFix a visibility problem.
2008-03-17 Werner KochPrintf arg fix.
2008-02-25 Werner KochMake use of the ELF visibility attribute.
2008-02-25 Werner KochAvoid dynamic relocations.
2008-02-22 Werner KochSupport DSA
2008-02-21 Werner Koch* der-encoder.c (_ksba_der_write_algorithm_identifier...
2008-02-12 Werner KochPost release updates
2008-02-12 Werner KochCut+paste error. debian/libksba-1.0.3
2008-02-12 Werner KochPreparing a release
2008-02-01 Werner KochFix for unknown tags in issuerAltName.
2007-12-13 Werner KochMinor fixes/updates
2007-11-07 Werner KochFixed a segv when using more then one signing certificiate.
2007-11-03 Moritz Schulte2007-11-03 Moritz Schulte <>
2007-08-08 Werner KochUse $host and not $target in configure
2007-07-04 Werner KochSwitched to GPLv3+. debian/libksba-1.0.2
2007-06-15 Werner KochTake builded gnulib header in account.
2007-05-29 Werner KochSupport for building as a W32 DLL.
2007-05-14 Werner Kochsrc/
2007-05-01 Werner KochSmall fixes by Peter O'Gorman
2007-04-20 Werner KochSupport more curves. Add a few tweaks for ECC.