descriptionnPth - The New Pth library
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last changeThu, 18 Dec 2014 15:55:47 +0000 (16:55 +0100)
29 hours ago Werner KochDon't get fooled by leave_npth changing ERRNO. master
2014-10-31 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-10-31 Werner KochRelease 1.1. npth-1.1
2014-10-29 Werner KochAllow use on systems which return ENOSYS for sem_init.
2014-09-18 Werner KochPost release updates
2014-09-18 Werner KochRelease 1.0 npth-1.0
2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Remove a debug message.
2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Fix segv in npth_eselect.
2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Change an npth_eselect arg to unsigned.
2014-06-26 Werner Kochw32: Let npth_eselect return 0 for timeout. Fix replace...
2014-02-19 Werner Kochw32: Make npth_eselect actually work.
2014-02-19 Werner Kochw32: Avoid calling FD_ISSET with a NULL fdset.
2014-01-10 Werner KochUse the generic script.
2014-01-10 Werner KochMove helper scripts to build-aux.
2014-01-09 Werner KochFix creation of w32 npth-config tool.
2014-01-09 Werner KochAdd configure option --enable-silent-rules.
7 weeks ago npth-1.1 Fix for OS X
3 months ago npth-1.0 Time for 1.0
2 years ago npth-0.91 Released 0.91
2 years ago npth-0.90 First tarball release
29 hours ago master