descriptionnPth - The New Pth library
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last changeThu, 20 Apr 2017 07:31:27 +0000 (16:31 +0900)
4 days ago NIIBE Yutakaw32: Change the condition for struct timespec. master
2017-04-05 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: Add tweak for FreeBSD.
2017-04-05 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: Add tweak for DragonFlyBSD.
2017-04-05 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: Add tweak for NetBSD.
2016-11-29 NIIBE YutakaUse unnamed semaphore of Grand Central Dispatch for...
2016-11-22 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-11-22 Werner KochRelease 1.3 npth-1.3
2016-11-21 Werner KochBypass npth_unprotect/protect when npth has not yet...
2016-10-10 Justus Wintersrc: Fix setting thread names on macOS.
2016-07-13 Werner Kochbuild: Update config.{guess,sub} to {2016-05-15,2016...
2016-07-05 NIIBE YutakaFix for semaphore access by child.
2016-06-25 Werner Kochw32: Include io.h for read(2) and write(2).
2016-06-25 Werner KochFix problem with regression tests on recent glibc.
2015-11-26 Werner KochImprove debug output.
2015-08-25 Werner KochAdd configure option --enable-build-timestamp.
2015-06-06 Jim improve check for clock_gettime library
5 months ago npth-1.3 Improve npth_protec/unprotect
2 years ago npth-1.2 Fix for newer mingw32
2 years ago npth-1.1 Fix for OS X
2 years ago npth-1.0 Time for 1.0
4 years ago npth-0.91 Released 0.91
4 years ago npth-0.90 First tarball release
4 days ago master