Cleanup the debug code.
[npth.git] / src / npth.c
2012-05-09 Werner KochCleanup the debug code.
2012-05-09 Werner KochTake care of possible surprising sem_init implementations.
2012-05-09 Werner KochLet npth_init actually return an error.
2012-05-09 Werner KochDo not use ___FUNCTION__.
2012-05-09 Werner KochAdd unistd.h is available.
2012-03-09 Marcus BrinkmannSupport Android API level earlier than 9.
2012-02-28 Marcus BrinkmannMake rwlock try and timed functions optional.
2012-01-31 Marcus BrinkmannImplement npth_mutex_timedlock for inferior systems.
2012-01-27 Werner KochEncapsulate clock_gettime.
2012-01-26 Werner KochMake npth_{s,g}etname_np portable.
2012-01-26 Werner KochCheck for the non-portable pthread_tryjoin_np.
2012-01-25 Marcus BrinkmannFix thread startup.
2012-01-25 Werner KochInclude stdlib.h for malloc prototypes.
2012-01-23 Marcus BrinkmannAllow manually unprotect/protect calls.
2012-01-13 Marcus BrinkmannAdd missing function npth_system.
2012-01-06 Marcus BrinkmannFix exclusion logic at thread creation and allow main...
2011-11-07 Marcus BrinkmannMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-11-07 Marcus BrinkmannLoop over sem_wait until EINTR.
2011-10-26 Marcus BrinkmannStraighten out some interface issues.
2011-10-07 Marcus BrinkmannHave attributes for mutex, rwlock and cond like in...
2011-10-06 Werner KochMade make distcheck work.
2011-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannInitial commit.