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2012-05-10 Werner KochAdd a basic create and join thread test case.
2012-05-10 Werner KochCheck for -lsocket et al.
2012-05-09 Werner KochMake the t-mutex test more robust.
2012-05-09 Werner KochTweak for building with c99.
2012-02-08 Marcus BrinkmannFix include path for non-w32 builds.
2012-01-27 Werner KochImprove pthread library detection.
2012-01-13 Marcus BrinkmannInitial support for w32.
2011-10-07 Marcus BrinkmannHave attributes for mutex, rwlock and cond like in...
2011-10-06 Werner KochMade make distcheck work.
2011-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannInitial commit.