ntbtls-cli: Use union to access hostent addr.
[ntbtls.git] / src / ntbtls-cli.c
2018-11-08 NIIBE Yutakantbtls-cli: Use union to access hostent addr.
2017-02-23 Werner KochMake ntbtls-cli work for W32.
2017-02-20 Werner Kochntbtls-cli: New option --head and use a default SNI.
2017-01-20 NIIBE YutakaFix ntbtls-cli.c for Windows.
2015-06-24 Werner KochRework some debug messages
2014-12-28 Werner KochAdd some comments.
2014-10-02 Werner KochAdd ntbtls_set_hostname.
2014-10-01 Werner KochFirst data retrieved from a server.
2014-10-01 Werner KochMore changes - first successful handshake.
2014-10-01 Werner KochWith lots of disabled code it does now build.
2014-10-01 Werner KochReplaced error codes by libgpg-error and other changes.
2014-10-01 Werner KochSnapshot of the current changes.