Allow indicating recurring SEPA donations in payproc-post.
[payproc.git] / src / commands.c
2017-06-12 Werner KochAllow indicating recurring SEPA donations in payproc...
2017-06-09 Werner KochStore the 'Recur' parameter in the preorder table.
2017-05-22 Werner KochFinish implementation of Paypal recurring donations.
2017-05-19 Werner KochFirst changes for Paypal recurring donations.
2017-05-18 Werner KochMinor rework of paypal.c.
2017-05-15 Werner KochFix a few memory leaks.
2017-05-11 Werner KochLog infos about subscriptions.
2017-05-11 Werner KochDo no create a Stripe plan with CHECKAMOUNT
2017-05-10 Werner KochNew option --debug-client
2017-05-09 Werner KochAdd very basic support for Stripe subscriptions.
2015-10-15 Werner KochAdd a server shutdown feature.
2015-10-15 Werner KochAdd command --list-preorder to payproc-post.
2015-10-14 Werner KochImplement options --allow-uid and --admin-uid.
2015-10-14 Werner KochNew tool to commit SEPA preorders.
2015-10-13 Werner KochRename and reorganize some files.