2015-10-15 Werner KochRelease 0.3.0 payproc-0.3.0
2015-10-15 Werner KochAdd a server shutdown feature.
2015-10-15 Werner KochAdd command --list-preorder to payproc-post.
2015-10-15 Werner KochAdd functions strtokenize and keyvalue_get_uint.
2015-10-14 Werner KochWe need sqlite 3.8
2015-10-14 Werner KochImplement options --allow-uid and --admin-uid.
2015-10-14 Werner KochNew tool to commit SEPA preorders.
2015-10-13 Werner KochAdd helper to read server responses.
2015-10-13 Werner KochRename and reorganize some files.
2015-03-09 Werner KochAdd command SEPAPREORDER.
2015-03-09 Werner KochAdd non yet functional options --admin-uid and --admin...
2015-03-09 Werner KochMove timestamp function to util.c.
2015-03-09 Werner KochMove field writing functions to util.c.
2015-03-09 Werner KochUse estream functions from libgpg-error.
2015-03-09 Werner KochRequire to automake 1.14 and update build-aux scripts.
2014-10-21 Werner KochSupport PayPal using their REST service.
2014-10-21 Werner KochAdd support for Bearer authentication.
2014-10-21 Werner KochAdd session alias mechanism.
2014-10-17 Werner KochAdd two fields for yearly stats to payproc-stat.
2014-10-16 Werner KochNew tool payproc-stat.
2014-10-16 Werner KochAdd header file with field names.
2014-09-09 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-09-09 Werner KochRelease 0.2.1 payproc-0.2.1
2014-09-09 Werner KochSupport exchange rates.
2014-06-13 Werner KochRemove do not use live mode check
2014-06-13 Werner KochSlightly change the format of the journal.
2014-06-13 Werner KochUse TSD to improve logging.
2014-06-13 Werner KochSilence some diagnostics.
2014-06-13 Werner KochFinish PayPal IPN verification code.
2014-06-13 Werner Kochhttp: Print human readable GNUTLS status.
2014-06-13 Werner KochUpdate http.c and estream.c from GnuPG master.
2014-06-13 Werner KochFirst take on the PPIPNHD command.
2014-06-13 Werner KochAdd a couple of new utility functions.
2014-06-13 Werner KochMake socket name a configure option.
2014-05-28 Werner KochNew tool payproc-jrnl.
2014-05-26 Werner KochFix brown paper bag allocation bug.
2014-05-23 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-05-23 Werner KochRelease 0.2.0. payproc-0.2.0
2014-05-23 Werner KochUse -Wno-psabi with gcc.
2014-05-23 Werner KochSESSION - Add command.
2014-05-23 Werner KochCHARGECARD - Return a timestamp.
2014-05-23 Werner KochAdd zb32_index function.
2014-05-22 Werner KochCheck that GNUTLS 3.0 has been installed.
2014-05-22 Werner KochAdd zb32 encoder.
2014-04-30 Werner KochMake use of the samethread mode keyword.
2014-04-30 Werner Kochestream: Implement "samethread" mode keyword.
2014-04-30 Werner Kochestream: Fix deadlock in s_fileno.
2014-04-30 Werner Kochestream: Add debug code to the lock functions.
2014-04-30 Werner Kochestream: Replace locking macros by functions.
2014-04-23 Werner KochMove the command reference to a separate file.
2014-04-23 Werner KochAdd command CHECKAMOUNT
2014-04-17 Werner KochRelease 0.1.0 payproc-0.1.0
2014-04-17 Werner KochReturn error messages and write a journal.
2014-04-03 Werner KochPost release updates
2014-04-03 Werner KochRelease 0.0.0 payproc-0.0.0
2014-04-03 Werner KochVerify the TLS connection's peer.
2014-04-02 Werner KochAdd a lot of more stuff.
2014-04-02 Werner KochAdd argparse.c from GnuPG.
2014-04-02 Werner KochSimplify cJSON and add new macros.
2014-04-02 Werner KochInitial checkin.