New command SETTITLE.
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2008-11-12 Werner KochNew command SETTITLE.
2007-11-19 Werner KochApplied patch from Bernhard Herzog to fix the Crash...
2007-11-19 Werner KochApplied batch from Bernhard Herzog.
2007-09-18 Werner KochAdd quality bar to the GTK-2 version.
2007-07-09 Werner KochApplied fixes for bug 798.
2007-01-24 Werner Koch * pinentry/pinentry.c (cmd_message): New.
2005-01-21 Marcus Brinkmann2005-01-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-12-22 Werner Koch* doc/ChangeLog: Removed and merged with this file.
2002-10-11 Werner Koch* pinentry.texi, New.