descriptionPKCS#11 token on top of gpg-agent
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last changeWed, 6 Mar 2019 05:25:35 +0000 (14:25 +0900)
2019-03-06 NIIBE YutakaUpdate libassuan.m4. master
2019-02-25 Werner KochAuto-reconnect after connection failures to gpg-agent.
2019-02-25 Werner KochFix regression in Windows from Monday.
2019-02-25 Werner KochDo not test for GnuPG version and use gpgconf to find it.
2019-02-25 Werner KochImplement decryption.
2019-02-20 Werner KochFix gcc warnings when building for Windows.
2019-02-20 Werner KochUpdate gpg-error.m4 and create ChangeLog.
2019-02-20 Werner KochRemove GNU-isms from the doc Makefiles.
2019-02-20 Werner KochUpdate libtool and add usual defines for macOS.
2019-02-20 Werner KochMake C_Sign error handling spec compliant.
2019-02-19 Werner KochMinor updates of the README files.
2019-02-19 Werner KochChange license from GPL with Mozilla exception to LGPL.
2019-02-18 Werner KochClean up use of label and s/n in CK_TOKEN_INFO.
2019-02-18 Werner KochProperly handle card switching.
2019-02-18 Werner KochLet gpgsm do the actual key selection work.
2019-02-14 Werner KochRework of some parts to support several keys pers slot.
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