2016-07-08 Justus Wintertests: Qualify executables with EXEEXT. master
2016-07-08 Justus WinterAdd missing CFLAGS.
2016-07-08 Justus WinterFix make distclean.
2016-07-05 Justus WinterFix undefined left-shift.
2016-07-05 Justus WinterFix memory leaks.
2015-11-17 Justus WinterFix dead store
2015-11-17 Justus WinterFix memory leak
2015-11-16 Justus WinterFix typo found using codespell
2015-11-16 Werner KochAdd M4 scripts fro libgcrypt and gpg-error.
2015-11-13 Justus WinterAdd a flag to make MDC mandatory
2015-11-13 Justus WinterEncrypt data with integrity protection
2015-11-13 Justus WinterAdd a flags parameter to the library initialization
2015-11-13 Justus WinterDecrypt integrity protected data packets
2015-11-13 Justus Wintertests: avoid use of uninitialized variable
2015-11-13 Justus WinterRework cipher initialization
2015-11-12 Justus WinterFix decryption API
2015-11-12 Justus WinterImplement encryption
2015-11-12 Justus WinterImplement a packet writer
2015-11-11 Justus WinterRework the cipher initialization and re-synchronization
2015-11-11 Justus WinterAdd a public-key encryption primitive
2015-11-11 Justus WinterAdd and use PKCS#1 EME-PKCS1-v1_5 functions
2015-11-11 Justus WinterProvide a way to resize a data map
2015-11-11 Justus WinterMove checksum to its own function
2015-11-11 Justus WinterAdd realloc wrapper
2015-11-11 Justus WinterImprove functions to query cipher features
2015-11-11 Justus WinterAdd a randomize primitive to the glue code
2015-11-11 Justus WinterMake the plaintext message parser stricter
2015-11-11 Justus WinterFix typo
2015-11-09 Justus WinterFix typo
2015-11-09 Justus WinterFix typo
2015-11-09 Justus WinterImprove the key handling and library initialization
2015-11-05 Justus Wintertools/tgpg-keystore: make name configurable, improve...
2015-11-05 Justus WinterDeduplicate function
2015-11-05 Justus WinterExpose key and mpi data types in the public api
2015-11-05 Justus WinterRemove obsolete sample file
2015-11-05 Justus WinterRename generated file
2015-11-05 Justus WinterUse `' from GnuPG
2015-11-05 Justus WinterMove auxiliary build scripts into separate directory
2015-11-05 Justus WinterAdd .gitignore file
2015-11-05 Justus WinterDemonstrate that tgpg can decrypt a file
2015-11-05 Justus WinterTurn tgpg into a library
2015-11-05 Justus WinterImplement decryption
2015-11-05 Justus WinterMove the actual keystore to a separate file
2015-11-05 Justus Wintertools/tgpg-keystore: new tool to create static key...
2015-11-05 Justus WinterProvide a way to access the buffer of the opaque tgpg_d...
2015-11-05 Justus WinterUse uint32_t for the key ids
2015-11-05 Justus WinterParse plaintext messages
2015-11-05 Justus WinterAdd a plain text message type
2015-11-05 Justus WinterReturn offset and length of encrypted data
2015-11-05 Justus WinterFix symmetric encryption in glue code
2015-11-05 Justus WinterActivate git hooks in `'
2015-11-05 Justus WinterStrip trailing whitespace
2015-11-05 Justus WinterFix build
2015-11-05 Justus WinterUpdate to autoconf 2.13
2015-11-02 Justus WinterUpdate automake initialization
2015-11-02 Justus WinterMake test more robust
2011-01-03 Werner KochMinor cleanups from last year
2009-08-20 Werner KochAdd missing files
2009-08-20 Werner KochPut existisng code into a new rep.
2009-08-20 Werner KochNew repository