descriptionDev Tools for WindowsCE <= 5
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last changeMon, 31 Jan 2011 13:13:03 +0000 (14:13 +0100)
2011-01-31 Marcus BrinkmannRemove void pointer arithmetic. master
2011-01-31 Marcus BrinkmannShow processes, too, and write results to fixed filenam...
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannAdd tentative support for DllMain of high loaded DLLs.
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannFix whitespace.
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannConvert to unix line endings.
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannImplement DLL loading on the client side (partial imple...
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannFix bug in printf parameter list.
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannInclude stdio.h.
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannDisable dlmalloc for dll preloader, too. Comment out...
2010-10-05 Marcus BrinkmannBug fix (increase i, not map) and clean up protoype.
2010-10-04 Marcus BrinkmannDisable dlmalloc for exe loading for now.
2010-10-01 Marcus BrinkmannClean up dlmalloc.
2010-09-28 Marcus BrinkmannReplace malloc and friends.
2010-09-28 Marcus BrinkmannFirst version of DLL preloader.
2010-08-30 Marcus BrinkmannFinalize move.
2010-08-24 Marcus BrinkmannFix zero-allocation.
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