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2012-10-11 Werner KochAdd bulk setting for the shutter schedule.
2012-08-12 Werner Kochebus: Fix i2c address sending.
2012-08-11 Werner Kochebus: Switch to a 10ms ticker
2012-02-03 Werner Kochebus: Use a macro to enable the onewire debug syncing.
2012-01-15 Werner Kochebus: Add command to read the reset flags.
2012-01-09 Werner Kochebus: Add data structures for a node name
2012-01-08 Werner Kochebus: Support a temperature sensor for the shutter...
2012-01-08 Werner Kochebus: add support to read back the debug flags.
2012-01-06 Werner Kochebus: Various changes for easier debugging
2011-11-27 Werner Kochshutter: Fix address detection for the H61 protocol.
2011-11-27 Werner Kochhousectl: Implement option --node
2011-11-27 Werner KochAdd time parser and command to update the shutter schedule
2011-11-10 Werner KochFirst chunk of code for the house automation
2011-10-24 Werner KochNew utility housectl.
2011-10-24 Werner KochRenamed ebusd to housed and shutterctl to shutter.
2011-09-05 Werner KochMoved ebus stuff to its own directory