addrutil: Re-indent.
[wk-misc.git] / mkdiff
2011-08-09 Werner KochUpdates from the last CVS working dir
2011-02-24 werner. origin
2010-07-27 wernerCollected changes.
2008-09-25 wernerAdd SKS server stat tool
2005-07-13 werner(parse_message): Add a kludge to allow parsing
2005-04-07 wernerUse bzip2
2003-07-17 wernerMinor changes collected over the last months
2002-12-06 werner*** empty log message ***
2002-09-18 werner*** empty log message ***
2002-06-30 werner* mkdiff: New option --no-sign.
2001-12-19 wernerAdded the old mkdiff utility and the mkdiff script...