2014-02-06 Werner Kochaddrutil: Re-indent.
2012-11-01 Werner Kochheating-daemon: print a line with the wall time every...
2012-10-11 Werner KochAdd bulk setting for the shutter schedule.
2012-08-12 Werner Kochebus: Fix i2c address sending.
2012-08-11 Werner Kochebus: Switch to a 10ms ticker
2012-08-11 Werner KochAdd collection of code snippets lingering around on...
2012-02-03 Werner Kochebus: Use a macro to enable the onewire debug syncing.
2012-01-15 Werner Kochebus: Add command to read the reset flags.
2012-01-09 Werner Kochebus: Add data structures for a node name
2012-01-08 Werner Kochebus: Support a temperature sensor for the shutter...
2012-01-08 Werner Kochebus: add support to read back the debug flags.
2012-01-06 Werner Kochxor: Ultrasecure new stream cipher system.
2012-01-06 Werner Kochebus: Various changes for easier debugging
2011-11-27 Werner Kochshutter: Fix address detection for the H61 protocol.
2011-11-27 Werner Kochhousectl: Implement option --node
2011-11-27 Werner KochAdd time parser and command to update the shutter schedule
2011-11-10 Werner KochFirst chunk of code for the house automation
2011-10-24 Werner KochNew utility housectl.
2011-10-24 Werner KochRenamed ebusd to housed and shutterctl to shutter.
2011-09-05 Werner KochMoved ebus stuff to its own directory
2011-08-24 Werner KochChanged the backoff strategy.
2011-08-24 Werner KochChange the definition of the protocol id.
2011-08-24 Werner KochFaster carrier detection
2011-08-24 Werner KochDisable the driver output as soon as possible.
2011-08-22 Werner KochComment correction.
2011-08-22 Werner KochChange ebus frame format to use a CRC.
2011-08-22 Werner KochAdd some docs to ebusnode.1
2011-08-22 Werner KochChanged the ebus protocol to a more Ethernet like one.
2011-08-09 Werner KochAdd more files to the repo.
2011-08-09 Werner KochUpdates from the last CVS working dir
2011-02-24 werner. origin
2011-02-24 wernerUpdates
2010-09-21 wernerUse AT commands to control the device.
2010-09-20 werner.
2010-09-18 wernerMore fixes.
2010-09-03 werner.
2010-09-03 werner.
2010-09-03 werner.
2010-07-27 wernerCollected changes.
2010-04-16 wernerUpdate version
2010-04-16 wernerAdd option -0
2009-10-22 wernerAdd MD5 and SHA256 mode.
2009-10-21 wernerHandle binary flag
2009-10-21 wernerAdd -c option
2009-04-17 wernerAdd missing files
2009-02-03 wernerSplit it up into two tables and allow a hosts file
2009-02-03 wernerFirst fix
2009-02-03 wernerAdd failed hosts support
2008-10-06 werner.
2008-09-25 wernerAdd SKS server stat tool
2005-07-18 wernerEnhanced bounce detection.
2005-07-13 werner(parse_message): Add a kludge to allow parsing
2005-04-07 wernerUse bzip2
2005-02-15 wernerAdded to have a convenient place for it and to track...
2004-12-09 wernerNew based on SHA1- code from gnupg and out md5sum.
2004-11-19 werner(parse_message): Increase buffer to 1000 to detect
2004-09-11 werner*** empty log message ***
2004-05-10 werner.
2003-12-29 werner* addrutil.c (ProcessTexOp): Implemented modifier ...
2003-12-16 wernerGive hints on files not included in Manifest.
2003-11-22 werner* addrutil.c (FinishRecord): For mode 0, escape quote...
2003-11-18 wernerNew.
2003-07-20 werner* vegetarise.c (main): Fixed counting for mbox files...
2003-07-17 wernerMinor changes collected over the last months
2003-07-17 werner* vegetarise.c: Add minimal usage information.
2002-12-06 wernerAllow one supplementary group - actually we should...
2002-12-06 wernerCheck for suid files.
2002-12-06 werner* webbsh.c: New.
2002-12-06 werner*** empty log message ***
2002-12-06 wernerFixed compile comand comment
2002-10-19 wernerImplemented a server mode
2002-10-13 wernerLets see what we can do against spam.
2002-10-07 wernerSimple md5sum utility for Windows.
2002-09-18 werner*** empty log message ***
2002-06-30 werner* mkdiff: New option --no-sign.
2002-04-09 wernerEventually I came around to write a bulletproof encrypt...
2002-01-13 wernerGive the robot script a new home
2001-12-19 wernerAdded the old mkdiff utility and the mkdiff script...
2001-10-18 wernerFixed bug (I hate perl)
2001-10-18 wernerYet another modified version of the CVS log.pl